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Why HMS?

Human-centric diplomas that cultivate compassion and connect people

Be part of the HMS family that is passionate about social sustainability, helping businesses & communities make a positive impact on society 

Champion social causes and raise awareness through creative content in arts events, exhibitions, and trending social media platforms

Access a wide range of scholarships such as the MOE Teacher Training Scheme, ECDA Training Awards & SPH Scholarships

About the School

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HMS) is a market leader in providing hands-on training in the fields of arts and social sciences at the polytechnic level in Singapore. Highly regarded for having pioneered a range of popular diplomas that focuses on impacting communities, HMS is where you will get to pursue your dream of inspiring and enriching lives!

At HMS, we will ignite your passion to become a young changemaker with the imagination to think big and the skills to turn ideas into reality. If you share our vision of building better communities through advocacy, education and culture, join the big HMS family!

Rigorous Curriculum with Experiential Learning

HMS is committed to enriching communities in aspects that range from healthcare and community care, to the conservation of culture and the environment. Experience a well-rounded curriculum focused on strong foundational knowledge, so you can gain a wide range of perspectives to ideate and create effective solutions.

Each of our courses also offers varied opportunities for you to get hands-on practice. You will get to work on exciting projects, go on educational field trips, as well as take part in impactful internships and overseas programmes. There is also a Service-Learning component in every diploma to make learning more engaging and purposeful.

Industry-relevant Learning

By working closely with our broad range of industry partners, our team of passionate faculty members curate meaningful learning experiences to deepen your skills. Through working on real-world projects and campaigns that reach out to communities, you will amass industry experience and develop competencies that will get you career ready.

School with a Heart

Want to give back to the community? At HMS, you can start projects that meet real needs, and work with partners and the community to bring your ideas to life through our social impact accelerator, The Living Community. Here, you can gain access to seed funding, industry sponsorships and industry mentorship to kickstart your very own social initiative.

Cross-Disciplinary Projects

Every HMS student will get the opportunity to work on a cross-disciplinary project with teammates from other disciplines in NP. Get trained to view challenges from different perspectives and leverage knowledge from different disciplines to solve real-world problems, and be better prepared for the demands of an increasingly dynamic economy.

Industry Recognition

Our diplomas are endorsed by government agencies such as the Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), National Institute of Education (NIE), National Council of Social Service (NCSS), National Arts Council (NAC) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

Scholarships & Grants

Together with our industry partners, we offer a wide range of scholarships and bursaries to HMS students. They include:

  • MOE Teacher Training Scheme (TTS) for students from the CHS Education specialisation and TSE
  • ECDA Training Awards and MOE Kindergarten Teaching Awards for students from CHS (Early Childhood Teaching), TSE and ECDE
  • Temasek Foundation Study Award for Community Development for CDT students
  • SPH scholarships for CMC students

Extensive Learning Facilities

From custom-built training facilities for the arts, music and dance; media production suites; to a child development study centre, we have all you need to get a good foundation in your field of study. You can also do an internship at Dialogue in the Dark (DiD), an innovative learning facility cum social enterprise on campus that employs visually impaired guides to plan and facilitate tours in complete darkness.

With HMS, you will be on track to gain the skills you need to make a difference in the arts, business, education, media and more!

Full-time Courses

Part-time Courses

Certificate in Social Emotional Learning*

*These five short courses can be taken separately by learners or stacked to be awarded the Certificate in Social Emotional Learning.

Certificate in Student Management**

**These four short courses can be taken separately by learners or stacked to be awarded the Certificate in Student Management.

For Early Childhood (EC) courses, please visit the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC) website.



SUSS-Brand Challenge Champions

Chinese book display

Nurturing the Love for Chinese Language & Culture

Groupshot of np supportify members

NP Supportify

Groupshot of MOU signing

Youth Development Academy (YOuDA)

Unique Learning Experiences

Seniors Go Digital

Seniors Go Digital
Seniors Go Digital

In a partnership with Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, students from the Diploma in Chinese Media & Communication (CMC) helped seniors “go digital” through a series of hands-on workshop. CMC students paired up with close to 60 seniors to help them navigate different mobile apps and shared with them how to better protect themselves from phishing scams. Through these experiences, students were exposed to technical terms in the Chinese language – not only did they get to practise using the terms, they also had the chance to serve our elderly communities! 

The Living Community

The Living Community

The Living Community is a social impact accelerator programme by the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HMS), aimed to empower our students to alleviate social issue, kickstarting their social and community initiatives outside of curriculum. 

Industry Review

Singapore Press Holdings’ Chinese Media Group (CMG) has renewed an MOU with HMS

The Singapore Press Holdings’ Chinese Media Group (CMG) has renewed an MOU with HMS to collaborate in areas such as organising workshops to equip seniors with digital skills and creating more industry exposure opportunities including learning journeys. HMS will also partner CMG’s adult learning platform, Han Culture, to develop continuing education programmes for business professionals. SPH Scholarships were also presented to 2 outstanding CMC students.  

What Students/Alumni Say

Headshot of Rishika

The Diploma in Community Development (CDT) gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into social issues and I got to work with social enterprise Better Trails, which sparked my passion for environmental awareness and protection. CDT helped me to realise that I can be a changemaker, and I am now actively encouraging more young people to take up environment-related volunteerism.

Headshot of melody chen

The CMC course has equipped me with a wide range of soft and technical skills, which gave me a strong foundation. These skills have helped me in my work, and allowed me to further explore my career aspirations.

Portrait of Oh Jia Jia

People have invested in me and I hope to pay it forward by helping others. I hope to see broken lives transformed, and for children and youths to grow up knowing that their life is worth living.

Headshot of anna tan

I strive to better the lives of others, and hope to galvanise my fellow peers in the social change-making space. Everyone can make a difference, and together we can make a change!

Headshot of Leo Ching Ling

I joined CMC as it looked interesting! The course gave me the space to explore my creativity and opportunities to work on my media skills. I really enjoyed the journey.

Headshot of Angel sun

On top of the soft and hard skills that I have acquired during my studies at NP, CHS and its community provided me with the ‘heart’ skills to relate to my employees, customers and stakeholders, both locally and overseas.

Portrait of Azila Rozaini

My time in ABM helped to deepen my love and passion for the arts. The myriad experiences and opportunities provided by the course exposed me to a range of valuable skills and knowledge which still remain relevant until today. These include arts policy development, marketing, visual communication, and event and financial management. I will remain indebted to ABM and my lecturers for shaping me into who I’ve become!

Potrait of Raihana

ECH has given me so much exposure to the industry. For example, field practicum allowed me to put the theories I learnt into practice. In addition, the experience and knowledge gained through ECH are relevant to my current job. I am able to perform my duties with confidence because of the skills I learnt in NP.

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