EV Charging

EV Charging Stations

Looking for charging stations for your EV? We’ve got you covered!

NP Campus Map with EV Stations


1. Carpark M

Access both chargEV AC and DC chargers just a few steps away from the Makan Place canteen at Blk 51!

  • Address: Carpark M, 535 Clementi Rd, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Makan Place, Singapore 599489
  • Nearby amenities:
    • Makan Place canteen (Block 51):
      Mon to Fri: 9am – 6pm (Closed on Sat & Sun)

Type of chargingNo. of charging pointsCharging powerCharging fee
Type 2322kWSGD 0.55/kWh
CCS 2260kWSGD 0.61/kWh

2. synergy.lab @ Blk 39

Juice up your EV using chargEV’s DC charging station that is powered by renewable energy!

  • Address: Blk 39 #01-06, 535 Clementi Rd, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore 599489

Type of chargingNo. of charging pointsCharging powerCharging fee
CCS 2260kWSGD 0.61/kWh

Start charging today with the chargEV app!

Designed for chargEV users, the app offers a seamless and convenient experience for locating, reserving, and paying for charging sessions.

Explore the world of EV charging with chargEV

For in-depth information and updates, visit chargEV.

EV Charging Tips:

  1. Be mindful of charging time
    • Monitor your EV’s charging status through the chargEV app. Once your EV is fully charged, promptly move it to make way for others. Avoid leaving your EV parked at the charging station longer than necessary.
  2. Choose the right speed
    • Different charging points have varying power outputs; opt for a charging speed that aligns with your EV’s needs.
  3. Report issues promptly
    • Report any malfunctioning charging stations or technical issues to the chargEV customer service team at 6856 6600. Let’s play a part in keeping the infrastructure in good working order for everyone!
  4. Mind your cable
    • Be careful with charging cables, ensuring they don’t create tripping hazards or interfere with our vehicles by keeping the cables tidy. Unplug the cable after charging is completed and return the cable to its designated holder.
  5. Plan ahead
    • Check the estimated charging time for your EV and plan your charging session accordingly. Consider using off-peak hours when possible to minimise wait times.

Note: Information on chargEV is provided by Yinson GreenTech Singapore. For enquiries, please contact the chargEV customer service team at 6856 6600.