Overseas Service-Learning

Overseas Service-Learning


NP students travel across borders for Service-Learning trips and Youth Expedition Projects (YEP) where they work with an underserved community. These eye-opening experiences expand their worldview to better understand socio-economic issues and nurture them to be socially responsible, active citizens. Through such exposure, NP students develop confidence, resilience and leadership while understanding the importance of teamwork.

“YEP was a life-changing experience. It really opened up my eyes to situations and problems that I did not even know existed, and enabled me to experience a new culture first-hand. I also learnt that happiness can be found in little things. Despite living a simple life, many locals were happy, and this really made me appreciate what I have.” 

M Haziq
Diploma in Automation & Mechatronic Systems, Class of 2021
YEP (Cambodia, 2019)

NP students keen to connect their learning in the classroom with real-world experiences working with communities in the region can look out for updates from their academic schools and our Office of Service-Learning. They may also email np_yep@np.edu.sg to indicate interest!


700 Students go on Service-Learning or YEP trips every year

> 25 Trips each year

9 countries visited annually (Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam)

Building a playground in Vietnam

Building a kindergarten in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia
Teaching basic hygiene in Cambodia

Teaching English in Baray, Cambodia

Planting coffee in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Constructing a water tank in Chaing Mai, Thailand

Teaching social media marketing skills in Son Tra, Vietnam
Constructing a column for a building in Dumaguete, Philippines