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Why SOE?

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We offer a choice of 8 diplomas and a Common Engineering Programme to provide a strong engineering foundation as well as a wide range of specialisations to match your interests and aspirations

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Acquire valuable skills in emerging technologies such as robotics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and data analytics at NP’s Robotics Research & Innovation Centre

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At SOE, we believe in engineering for good. Be ready to engineer a better world through social innovations by working on projects that address community issues and real-world challenges. Our new sustainability-focused modules will also equip you to develop green solutions through resource efficiency and sustainable product development.

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An established engineering school, SOE has nurtured illustrious alumni who have made their mark in diverse fields and scored academic distinctions including the prestigious PSC scholarship. You could be the next! 

About the School

Learn. Create. Innovate. At the School of Engineering (SOE), we empower you to do all that, and more. With 8 diplomas and 1 common engineering programme, you will have limitless opportunities to be a changemaker in your chosen field.

Explore your passion for learning and innovation with a broad-based curriculum that trains you in core competencies and emerging technologies. Along the way, we will equip you with multidisciplinary skills to develop engineering projects which benefit the community and make your learning more purposeful. You could even be working with professors from NUS, NTU and SUTD on real-world projects in artificial intelligence and data analytics!

You can look forward to hands-on learning in state-of-the-art facilities like the Robotics Research & Innovation Centre, simulators, and research and testing labs. Developed based on industry standards, these will ensure that you gain practical experience in relevant skills for an added edge in your career.

Accelerate your university pathway with our well-established diplomas! Stretch your potential with prestigious scholarships and our talent development programme. Plus, get global-ready through overseas internships and immersion programmes.

Can't wait to embark on your dream career? SOE's strong industry ties will give you a head start through company visits, induction programmes, and internships. With your in-demand suite of skills, you will be a versatile graduate, ready for a dynamic career in diverse industries.


Full-time Courses

Part-time Courses

What Students/Alumni Say

Christopher Chia

Thanks to NP, I had the chance to participate in the WorldSkills Singapore Competition, where I discovered more about cutting-edge technologies and acquired new knowledge.  Through the competition, I was able to expand on my practical skills and grow in confidence.

Clement Chen

I was drawn to mechatronics engineering because of its multidisciplinary nature. The Automation & Mechatronic Systems course gave me the opportunity to combine my interests in both engineering and liberal arts in stimulating ways, paving the way for me to pursue my passions.

Qing Rong

I chose Engineering Science as the course offered opportunities for me to apply my knowledge to solve real-world problems. Thanks to the course, I built a strong foundation in physics, maths and computing, as well as electronics and mechanical engineering knowledge, which has prepared me for further studies.

Pavatharani Senthil Kumar

Since I was a child, I had always wanted to be a pilot and was curious how aircraft worked. NP definitely opened my eyes to how far I can go and spurred me to be a leader in the aerospace industry.


As far as I can remember, I’ve always had a strong interest in physics and math, and a keen desire to study how machines are made. That’s the reason why I decided on Mechanical Engineering. I’m glad I made the decision to pursue my studies at NP − for the solid foundation it has given me.

Wong Zheng Hui

After my internship at Sick Sensor Intelligence, I realised that I could make a difference in the lives of others. It was then that I found my calling and a desire to develop new innovations for the healthcare sector. Engineering has prepared me well for real-life challenges. I have learnt to think like an engineer, and acquired the skills and confidence to deal with any problem.

Shi Hui

Despite struggling to juggle my studies and care for my family, I managed to pull though because of the support I received from NP. The poly has also helped me to discover my potential as a leader, and I hope to pay it forward by motivating students who may be struggling with financial and family issues.

Yeo Guoli

With NP’s focus on grooming industry-ready graduates, I gained valuable skills from project management, computer-aided design and programming. This allowed me to manage various challenges in the marine industry. Thanks to my holistic experiences in NP and NTU, I successfully completed my final year medical-related project on the 3D printing of a scoliosis brace.

Loh Jia Wen

My diploma has equipped me with very practical and useful skill sets. The course also pushed me out of my comfort zone to think and look for solutions. I found the modules engaging and enjoyed my classes, which allowed me to understand engineering concepts in greater depth.


A Boost for Robotics at NP

NP Robotics Research & Innovation Centre

With the launch of the Robotics Research & Innovation Centre (RRIC), NP staff and students can look forward to enhanced learning opportunities in deep tech and industry collaborations on customised robotics solutions. RRIC has worked with partners from various sectors such as Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, National Environment Agency and National Parks Board. For example, RRIC worked with SingHealth Polyclinics to co-develop an assistive robot, which can improve infection control in healthcare settings via UV-C light to reduce the spread of germs. It can also provide directions to visitors.

Impactful Innovations

Moo-ving Virtually

Moo-ving Virtually

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 In Action

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

Learning by Doing

Cheok Keng Lun and Saw Aung Lin Oo

Being able to apply our classroom skills and learn through hands-on experiences puts meaning into our work. This internship has also given us significant insights into the solar and clean energy industries.

Soh Jin Rong Ryan

Collaborating with NUS on a meaningful project that contributes to future sustainability excites me and drives me to overcome any challenges I face along the way.

Mohamad Asyraf, Tan Yi Rong, Nicholas Ho

Working on our final-year project for the Youth Action Challenge was a unique experience that required multidisciplinary skills like 3D printing, programming, website development and video editing. With widespread global warming, we wanted to develop green energy devices for land-scarce Singapore. That’s how we conceptualised the idea of Eco Road, to convert heat from our roads into a source of energy.

Internship Partners

internship partners


Top-notch Facilities

NP Robotics

NP Robotics Research & Innovation Centre (RRIC)


TechSpace@8 & TechSpace@37



The Aerospace Hub

Aerospace Hub

Microelectronics Lab

Microelectronics Lab

Flight Simulator Room

Flight Simulator Room

The Solar Technology Centre

Solar Technology Centre

Towing Tank Lab

Towing Tank Lab

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