EZ-Link Card Application

Tertiary Student Ez-Link Card Application


  • Login to My Enrolment to check your status that you have completed the enrolment process successfully.
  • Ensure that you have submitted your recent passport-standard photo to us.


Application of EZ-Link Card

  • You will receive an email via your NP Connect mail for application steps. Note that all communications will be done through NP Connect mail only (We are unable to communicate via your personal email address).
  • If you are unable to apply, screenshot the error message and email to askSAS@np.edu.sg using your NP Connect mail.


Collection of EZ-Link Card

  • Processing time is about 14 working days after you have made the payment.
  • An email will be sent your NP Connect mail when your card is ready for collection.


[1] As a general guide, for students who have successfully enrolled before mid-March, please check your eligibility status from 1 April onwards. For students who have successfully enrolled after mid-March, please check your eligibility status about 15 working days after completing the course registration.

[2] If your personal information is incorrect, please email to Academic Affairs & Planning Office (Email: enrol@np.edu.sg)

[3] A fee of $8.10 (consisting of $5 non-refundable card cost and $3.10 non-refundable personalisation fee) is payable at the point of application. You will have to top-up a minimum of $10 travel to activate your Diploma Student Concession Card.

[4] PFP graduate, who had completed the Polytechnic Foundation Programme and will be progressing to full-time diploma courses in the coming Academic Year, will receive an email with instructions to extend the expiry date of the student concession card.

Important Notes:

  • Application for the Diploma Student Concession Card is optional.
  • Please check TransitLink for the latest information on the concession scheme.