Prescribed Modules

Year 1 IS Modules

Level 1 IS CORE modules in Year 1 aim to develop an innovative mindset and creative confidence, communication skills and critical thinking about community issues.

This module provides you with an opportunity to be active, keep fit and stay healthy through basic sports skill acquisition. It also aims to enhance your social and psychological well-being through a variety of sports electives while taking you through the process of character development, choice and decision making.
Underpinned by the Design Thinking framework, Innovation Made Possible aims to build creative confidence in you. The module will sensitize you to the process of user-centric problem solving and allow you to discover and hone your innate ability to think creatively, come up with innovations to tackle problems and explore new ideas for your studies and beyond.

English Language Express aims to give you a better grounding in the English Language and to strengthen the written and oral communications skills that you will need in your academic and professional careers. You will be engaged in writing, reading, listening and speaking activities that will develop your ability to speak and write grammatically, coherently and clearly. You will also hone your reading and listening comprehension skills.

*This module is only offered to students who are weaker in the English Language.

To be a media professional par excellence, you will need a good grasp and analysis of issues that affect the way societies behave and interact. Do stigmas still exist? Why do some communities actively defend the need to preserve culture? Be prepared to be overwhelmed with a kaleidoscope of discussion topics, thought provoking movies and field trips as we hone your skill to think critically and beyond what is conventional. Avoid the frog-in-the-well syndrome as we re-examine social norms and form new perspective of issues that touch the heart of societies.
Communication Essentials aims to develop written and spoken communicative competence in you by exposing you to a range of contemporary issues from different disciplinary perspectives. You will learn to carry out research, read critically, write effectively and express yourself confidently while developing a global view, an awareness of cultural intelligence and of self in relation to society.

Year 2 IS Modules

Level 2 IS CORE modules aim to develop communication skills &critical thinking in contemporary world issues.

This module will expose you to a wide range of global issues discussed in the context of Singapore as a nation state. You will be guided to critically examine current affairs from various perspectives and develop an appreciation of the dynamism behind current world problems and consider possible solutions. The intent of this module is to develop thinking students with well-considered perspectives who are able to articulate reasonable opinions, make thoughtful decisions and informed choices as active citizens in society. You will also be exposed to a multidisciplinary approach in the mitigation of global challenges and thus be adequately prepared to handle Year 3 IS interdisciplinary Project ID.

Year 3 IS Modules

Level 3 IS CORE modules give you that extra edge as you’re preparing to carve a niche in the professional working world and advance in your next level of life-long learning.

Project ID aims to prepare you for an increasingly globalized and interconnected world where problems are multi-faceted and require interdisciplinary research and collaboration to solve. Using a project-based learning approach, you will have the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team with students from across the polytechnic to investigate and propose comprehensive recommendations for a pressing real-world problem affecting Singapore. You will be guided to step out of your disciplinary silos and effectively communicate and collaborate with peers from different backgrounds. The module seeks to develop independent learning skills and the ability to synthesize diverse strands of knowledge to solve a complex problem, while impressing on you the importance of being a responsible global citizen.