Giving to NP

Give today to transform tomorrow

When you give to NP, you are empowering students who would not otherwise have the means to access the quality education that they deserve to get ahead in life.

I was struggling to get through each semester as I had limited funds to cover basic needs like food and transport. I was too shy to ask for help.

This is a very real concern for our students from low-income families. NP has around 5,500 students who require some form of financial support, of which about 2,600 are from families with Household Per Capita Income of $1,000 or below. 

We seek donations in the form of Bursaries & Grants, Scholarships & Awards, Endowments and Emergency Grants to lift our students’ financial burden, which will allow them to focus on their studies to create a better future for themselves and their family.

We thank you for your generous support.

Why Give

Every donation matters 

When you give to NP, your generous donation goes beyond simply giving funds. You get to chart the progress of the students that your donation impacts and participate in their journey.

Every donation, of any size, makes a difference and here’s why:

  • No student should be denied access to quality education due to their financial circumstances and your donation will help to level the playing field.

  • More than 40% (~5,500) of our students require some form of financial assistance. 

  • Government bursaries do not cover 100% of annual tuition fees. With your generous support, more students can complete their polytechnic education debt-free.

  • Every gift makes a difference. It adds to the millions needed for financial aid, scholarships, emergency funds and other programmes we have that aid our students in need.

How we acknowledge your gift


Your name/logo will be featured in our publicity materials.

You’ll be able to claim 2.5 x tax deduction on the donation amount.

You’ll get to engage with your student beneficiaries.

Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by the Singapore government so your donation will have a wider impact.

Areas Your Giving Supports

Bursaries & Grants

Scholarships & Awards


Emergency Grants

Impact of Your Giving

Your gift makes a difference 

Not only does your gift uplift our beneficiaries, it also inspires generosity in others. The following stories give you a glimpse into the joy of giving:

Hear from our donors

What do our Student
Beneficiaries say?

Education and skill sets can change and improve lives. It gives us great satisfaction, year after year, when bursary recipients proudly show their diplomas and share their aspirations and dreams for a better future for their families and themselves.


My academic journey was a challenging one. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted my family’s household income. We had to scrimp and save to cope with the financial stress. I also relied heavily on donations of secondhand laptop and textbooks. I really appreciate the bursary that I received as it meant that I could focus on my studies and pursue my interest in applying IT skills to help the community.

Through my community volunteer work, I mentored peers and juniors, as well as led a workshop to teach senior citizens how to use video conferencing tools and make e-payments. 

I am glad to fully embrace the spirit of paying it forward because the greatest good is what we can do for one another.


How to give

Thank you for shining a light and driving positive change for our students. 

You may give via the following ways:

1. Make a donation at 

2. Bank transfer/ Send a cheque to NP

  • Please download the NP Giving Form. NP’s bank account number is in the Form.

  • To align with Singapore’s aim to be cheque-free by 2025, NP encourages donors to use bank transfer / PayNow for donations.

For enquiries or Planned Giving, please contact us at: 

Ms Sylvia Ler
Senior Advisor (Advancement)
Student & Alumni Services

Mobile: +65 9634 4824
Ms Sue Chan
Manager (Advancement)
Student & Alumni Services

Mobile: +65 9455 1450