Project Collaborations

Project Collaborations

Partner NP for impactful solutions and growth

Generate solutions to address challenges for your business or industry by working with our students. Or explore how you can tap on the expertise of our staff in project collaborations that create value for industry or the community.


Partner etc.lab by NP’s School of Design & Environment (DE) to empower communities through design.

etc.lab is an interdisciplinary centre for collaborative design and research to create social impact and change.

Founded in 2016, we envision a better world where we work together in transforming our imaginations into reality. Our mission is to empower communities through design.

Collaborating with practising educational designers, industry partners and government agencies on real-life industry projects, we believe our design students and graduates will gain invaluable and relevant working experiences that would diversify their design portfolios for educational and professional pursuits.

Through projects, activities and initiatives driven by our design labs, we hope to make an impact on the lives of our communities and show our students that design can make the world a much better place to live in.

Partner us in the areas of:

  • Design Consultancy
  • Participatory Design Workshops
  • Project Incubation
  • Design Education


Life Sciences

With a team of highly skilled scientists, engineers, designers and technical staff, NP’s School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology (LSCT) has extensive experience in providing innovative solutions and products for industries. These include consultancy, collaborative R&D, training & courses, and industry attachments. We work closely with local companies through research and development to produce cutting-edge technologies, services and innovative products in the following areas:

  • Applied Biosciences
  • Environmental Technology
  • Food & Sustainable Resources

School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology


FMS students experience authentic work through their final-year capstone projects by working closely with industry partners, under the careful guidance of faculty staff.

Furthermore, our alumni provide clients with media expertise and consultancy services. We're constantly on the lookout for future collaborations, so do get in touch with us if you are keen to provide our students with opportunities in the following areas:

  • Campus TV: Video production
  • Inspire Design: Graphic and interactive design solutions
  • HYPE: Online lifestyle magazine for youths
  • Radio Heatwave: Podcasts, events and hosting
  • The Urbanwire: Youth-centric e-zine focusing on trends, community and the environment
  • Metamorphica: Social media marketing campaigns
  • Integrated Brand Communication Campaign (IBCC): Formulation of communication and media strategies

FMS Capstone & Industry Projects

Multidisciplinary Deep Technology Research

The NP TechVillage serves as a hub for our industry and community partners to drive multidisciplinary research in the areas of Deep Tech that will shape our future cities. Our partners can plug into the vibrant NP ecosystem – which supports a population of 18,000 staff and students, as well as some 40 buildings over an area of 30 hectares – as a testbed and showcase for their solutions.

At TechVillage, our partners can expect an innovative environment that sparks synergistic research collaborations, resulting in the coalescence of various technologies to create solutions that meet real needs. In turn, as part of the Future City Programme, TechVillage supports NP’s teaching and learning to ensure that students gain skills in emerging technologies.

Industry partners can collaborate with NP by choosing one of the following 3 approaches:

  • Tech-in-residence programme – Set up a research facility on our campus and tap our people and physical infrastructure as a living laboratory and testbed for applied research
  • Partnerships – Collaborate with our schools on common areas of interest and establish joint innovation laboratories to explore technological solutions for industry
  • CSR Labs – Partner us to create a virtuous cycle of learning through meaningful service in community-focused projects