Talent Development

Being an NP student means being immersed in a campus environment with endless opportunities to explore and choose your own adventure. We believe every one of our students has the potential to thrive in NP – whether you are looking to pursue a passion, prepare for your career or university, or be an all-rounded awesome individual.

Take your pick from our range of programmes and activities in the areas of Character, Leadership and Critical Thinking. Find out things about yourself that you never knew, discover new strengths and create your own success story right here in NP. And we are with you every step of the way.



NP Youth Academy (NPYA) programmes take you on an exciting journey to discover more about yourself, broaden your horizons, and gain real-world insights. Be empowered to chart your own path as we celebrate multiple peaks of excellence at NP. Your growth and success will be about discovering that something xtra in you that distinguishes you as a proud NP graduate! What’s more, all NP Youth Academy Programmes are fully subsidised by NP. 

NPYA rolls out interesting and engaging workshops for our students to sign up for. Our workshops to-date have boosted our students in their personal effectiveness, leadership, critical thinking, communication, interpersonal skills, and so much more! Keep your eyes peeled for email updates from NPYA on our programme line-up!

Highlights of NPYA programmes:

Empowerment Camp

Discover more about yourself through your personality profile and learn how to use it to your advantage. Unlock your full potential and learn the traits of exemplary leaders. This two-day non-residential Empowerment Camp gives you the opportunity to make new friends and understand what it takes to be a leader with character, through interactive and exciting activities.


This immersion programme takes students to ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines and Thailand, where our students learn to appreciate the diverse socio-political, cultural and technological issues of their host country.  You could be matched to a suitable mentor.


You may already have heard of our distinguished Christieara Programme! Many of our students involved have gone on to clinch scholarships in prestigious local and overseas universities upon graduation, and you could be next! 

Also known as TCP, it is NP’s signature talent development programme designed to stretch the potential of our high performing students.

Our NP scholarship holders are invited to participate in TCP to ensure they are well-prepared when applying for top universities and scholarships. As part of TCP, our students will get to attend specially curated programmes such as TCP Camp, The Christieara Summit, university scholarship application clinics, dialogues with Ministers, learning journeys, and so much more. 

At the end of your TCP experience, you will look back with no regrets but all to gain. Besides forging close ties with like-minded students across the various schools, you can look forward to graduating from NP with an impressive digital portfolio that details the extra exposure and competencies you have attained. All this will give you that xtra edge in competing for university places and scholarships locally or in places like UK, USA or Australia.

Workshops like ‘The Art of Critical Thinking’, ‘Discover Your Personal Brand’ and ‘Scholarship Application Clinics’, develop skills and confidence in our TCP students to seize all opportunities that come their way.
Workshops like ‘The Art of Critical Thinking’, ‘Discover Your Personal Brand’ and ‘Scholarship Application Clinics’, develop skills and confidence in our TCP students to seize all opportunities that come their way. 

Highlights of TCP


TCP Camp

Embark on your TCP journey with this ultimate kickstarter programme that will lay the foundation for our students to become strong individuals demonstrating Character, Leadership and Critical Thinking. Through the camp, learn more about your TCP journey, build a sense of community and identity, be motivated to live a life of purpose and active citizenry within NP and beyond.

The Christieara Summit

The Christieara Summit is one of TCP’s flagship programmes where our young leaders of the future sharpen their critical thinking skills and level up their knowledge on burning issues we face in a VUCA world. Every year, TCP Summit focuses on a pertinent topic that allows our students to discuss, debate and propose creative solutions to regional and global issues at hand.

Overseas Merit Fellowship

As potential future leaders, students are encouraged to deepen your understanding of key regional and global issues affecting Singapore through our prestigious Overseas Merit Fellowship (OMF) programme. The two-week programme allows students to interact with esteemed universities globally to broaden their minds and take a deeper and more critical look into issues such as sustainability, technology, innovation and humanities. Find out more about OMF and our other overseas programmes.


We want you to have the skills and confidence to seize all opportunities that lie beyond the gates of NP when you graduate. Our carefully curated workshops will stretch your potential and help you gain a competitive edge in your university and undergraduate scholarship applications! Some of these workshops include Discover Your Personal Brand, The Art of Critical Thinking and Scholarship Application Clinics.

Public Sector Career Exploration Programmes

Ever wondered what a career in the public sector looks like, beyond what you hear at career fairs and talks? TCP partners with various local non-profit organisations to run public sector mentoring and career exploration programmes for students to discover their own career interests and options. Find out more about what it takes to embark on such a career, including scholarships and current and future job opportunities. Plus, you could be matched to a suitable mentor.


This is your exclusive pass to gaining valuable insights into global affairs, national issues and industry developments at our spirited dialogue sessions with global thought leaders! Our Eminent Speaker Series launched in collaboration with our Current Affairs Club invites Ministers and political leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue sessions with our students.

Tea with TCP Mentors

Ask questions, bounce off ideas or discuss your personal progress! These casual chat sessions with our TCP mentors are for TCP students to seek guidance on their personal development and branding or next steps in their growth journey. Students may sign up for a session individually or with their friends!

Hear from our TCP students!

Under The Christieara Programme (TCP), I was given the opportunity to attend many talent development activities. The exposure allowed me to hone my critical thinking, leadership and soft skills! They also offered me support throughout my university applications by taking me through mock interviews, personal branding workshops and scholarship workshops.

Being under The Christieara Programme gave me multiple opportunities that have actively helped me with my PSC Scholarship application. I also took part in a public service mentorship programme by The Astronauts Collective, a non-profit organisation that supports youths to discover meaningful careers. With the chance to interact with public servants I was able to learn firsthand, more about a career in the public service – something I am keen on!