Service-Learning Stories

Get a glimpse into Service-Learning in NP

Civic Final Year Projects

Get a glimpse into how Civic FYPs enable students to work with real communities and industry partners to address real needs and make a positive impact in the community, broadening their horizons and honing personal and professional skills while doing so.


Design & Environment

A Service-Learning project in Lombok led to friendships being forged, so much so that when tragedy struck, staff and students rallied to provide support.


Business & Accountancy

A personal budgeting course saw Accountancy students working with migrant workers and learning from them.


Humanities & Social Sciences

Business & Social Enterprise* students apply project management concepts and tools to work on real-world projects for community partners

*Renamed Community Development

Film & Media Studies

Service-Learning helped Mass Communication students to think about serious critical issues and how to use words and images responsibly.


Life Sciences & Chemical Technology

Some LSCT final year projects have evolved into multi-disciplinary Service-Learning projects, enabling students to gain valuable lessons.


Health Sciences

Service-Learning in the School of Health Sciences is built upon year on year, as experienced by these Optometry students.


Health Sciences (CET)

Adult learners in NP’s Specialist Diploma in Community Optometry serve an elderly community through Service-Learning, under their Geriatric & Low Vision Management module.



Bringing seniors up to speed on using government apps taught NP Engineering students the importance of understanding needs in designing engineering solutions.