Social Leadership Pathway

Social Leadership Pathway

Social Leadership is one of four unique options available under NP’s Personalised Learning Pathway (PLP) initiative. Developed by the Office of Service-Learning (OSL), the programme offers our students a basket of learning units in Social Leadership and Service-Learning, that complement the learning objectives and enriching experiences of our Service-Learning modules.

Students can look forward to graduating with a Minor in Social Leadership on top of their diploma, by completing three of the four learning units offered. The Social Leadership Pathway is perfect for students who are keen to pursue adjacent or complementary career options in social service agencies, social enterprises or corporate social responsibility (CSR) divisions within an organisation.

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I first learnt about the Social Leadership pathway after taking part in a YEP trip with the School of Film & Media Studies. Having always been passionate about volunteerism, I decided to take up this pathway to learn more about how to better serve the needs of various communities in Singapore. The journey has been nothing short of eye-opening. During one of our learning units 'Connecting with Communities - Local', we even got to visit the SG Accident Help Centre where we interacted with hurting and unemployed migrant workers to find out more about their stories and experiences.

The NP students were very open to feedback and adjusting their plans. Through verbal and visual cues, they actively engaged our clients who really enjoyed the games and dance sessions that were organised. It has been a good experience and we would love to continue this partnership with NP!