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Join the School with a proven track record - alumni getting into local medical schools and securing prestigious scholarships

Our strong focus on digitalisation and emerging technologies prepare you well for the future 

Build a strong foundation that opens up further studies opportunities at top universities both locally and abroad with our widely recognised diplomas

Our strength in R&D in myriad fields from cancer biology to drugs, agritech to food tech, aquaculture to skyrise greening

About the School

Has the pandemic inspired in you a passion for medical research, biotechnology or healthcare? Or have you found your calling in creating sustainable solutions to address rising global climate challenges? At Ngee Ann Poly’s School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology (LSCT), our five robust diplomas and one common entry programme aim to fuel your passion for discovery and enable you to make a real-world impact across a variety of fields.  You will also embrace emerging technologies for the new digital era and be equipped with multi-disciplinary skillsets to tackle the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

Exciting Prospects

Within LSCT, our faculty are pushing at the boundaries of scientific knowledge in the domains of biocatalysis and fermentation, cancer biology, molecular diagnostics, membrane technology, skyrise greening, agritech and aquaculture, and food technology. Our edge will give you a head start in pursuing research work in these fields!

Through intensive lab and field-based training, LSCT will provide a strong foundation for you to pursue further studies or exciting careers in the growing areas of healthcare, pharma and biopharmaceutical, urban farming and water production.

Industry-relevant Learning

You will get to learn from the best in class through research projects, internships and off-campus classes. LSCT has close links with key industry leaders such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Chevron, Singapore General Hospital, National Parks Board and PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency.


Gain a global perspective by participating in various overseas internships and immersion programmes to places such as London, Brisbane, Bangkok, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Nanjing, and Shanghai.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Home to sophisticated and industry-standard facilities, LSCT provides an enriching and hands-on environment where you can apply your knowledge and hone your skills. Our outstanding facilities for teaching and research include a state-of-the-art environmental technology centre, an applied biosciences centre, and an IOT-enabled greenhouse – all designed to foster collaboration and innovation, preparing you for the realities of the future workplace.

Proven Track Record

Our teaching faculty is highly qualified and focused on developing the next generation of scientists and innovators. Our track record speaks for itself – some of our graduates have completed their degrees at top universities around the world, with many of them clinching prestigious PSC, A*STAR, PUB, MOHH and NEA scholarships.

In fact, a total of 36 LSCT graduates have made it to local medical schools since 2007!

Ready for the Future

With digitalisation fast transforming the world of science, we’ll ensure that you are prepared for the workplace. You’ll learn about emerging technologies such as 3D printing, Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual reality – all of which will add value to your future work in the life science or chemical industry!

Full-time Courses

Part-time Courses

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What Students/Alumni Say

Headshot of Zenia Tan

During my final year, I had the opportunity to work on a project on the effects of modulating the autophagy-lysosomal pathway in Alzheimer’s Disease. It allowed me to build on my skill sets and apply what I have learnt in class to real world problems. It was such an interesting experience! I will always be grateful for all the opportunities presented to me and the support my friends and NP have given me.

Headshot of Michelle Yeo

One of my most memorable experiences in NP was being given the privilege to intern at Raffles Hospital where I interacted with and learnt essential skills from experienced pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

Headshot of Song Meow Ying

My years in NP were vibrant and enriching. The course provided me with strong pharmaceutical knowledge and allowed me to explore the pharmacy profession in different settings. I am grateful to my lecturers as their guidance has helped me to secure MOHH’s Healthcare Merit Award to pursue my dream course in NUS. In the future, I plan to take part in the National Collaborative Prescribing Programme and pursue the Doctor of Pharmacy programme.

Headshot of Tan Bing Qian

With a well-structured curriculum and a myriad of learning opportunities, CBE has strengthened my interest and skill sets in the chemical engineering field, and also propelled me to broaden my learning horizons to areas such as innovation and financial investments.

Headshot of Siti Zaleha Abdullah

LDH has equipped me with the relevant skills and knowledge to kickstart my career in biodiversity conservation. My internship deepened my learning about Singapore’s diverse biodiversity, which has driven me to pursue a career as a flora specialist to advocate for habitat and plant conservation.

Headshot of Tan Shern Kai

My learning journey in NP has been a memorable and amazing experience! I am grateful to have been able to go on a Youth Expedition Project to the Philippines as well as take part in a variety of CCAs! Even when we transited to home-based learning during the pandemic, my EWT lecturers were there for me if I had questions or concerns. I hope to engineer sustainable solutions in the water industry in the future.

Industry Review

StratifiCare looks forward to engaging NP more deeply in driving medical technology innovation, and to provide industry immersion opportunities to both students doing their internship and final year project, as well as lecturers, so that they can experience working in a fast-paced start-up developing cutting-edge medical diagnostic solutions under a stringent Quality System.


Groupshot of studnets, Designing Virtual Tour

Designing a virtual tour

Portraits of alumni

Doctors & Trailblazers

Top-notch Facilities

Designed for students to learn the different aspects of “Farm to Fork” – referring to the various processes in the food chain from agricultural production to consumption – this facility boasts a suite of IoT-enabled smart urban farming technologies.

Here, students get to explore high tech aquaculture, functional food development, and food sanitation and safety under the guidance of our highly qualified faculty who have extensive experience in providing consultancy services to the local agritech and food manufacturing industries.

With increasing focus on the importance of developing sustainable solutions, the Centre for Environmental Technology is a platform for LSCT to partner companies to create sustainable platform technologies, processes and applications in air quality control and water treatment. 

At the Centre of Applied Biosciences, our industrial biotechnology team conducts high-tech research and development work to create valuable biotech products such as industrial enzymes and microbes, biofuel, as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients. 

In partnership with hospital and universities, our biomedical science team develops cutting edge diagnostic tools for Parkinson’s disease and infectious diseases.

Impactful Internships

Headshot of Tan Wei Xi

During my internship, I got to apply fundamental process engineering concepts learned in school into large-scale process operations at Keppel’s Marina East Desalination plant. I went on to extend my learning beyond the classroom with an in-house research internship at the material science research lab. With its emphasis on individual excellence and group-based project management skills, CBE has equipped me with skills and knowledge that are both practical and flexible.

Headshot of Vernice Vee

I had the opportunity to assist pharmacists to prepare and dispense medications for patients during my internship at the National University Hospital’s Pharmacy Department. Those hands-on experiences allowed me to gain a deeper appreciation of the inner workings of the pharmaceutical industry.


Headshot of Wee Zhen Rey

5 Minute Tech Splash

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering student Wee Zhern Rey clinched third place and a gold in the “5 Minute Tech Splash” Competition organised by the Institutions of Chemical Engineers Malaysia Competition & Convention (ICMCC) 2021 for the development of an organic solvent nanofiltration membrane through a chemical crosslinking approach. 

Portrait of Raine Lim

Water Tech Expert

Environmental & Water Technology graduate Raine Lim (left) emerged as the world champion in the water technology section at the WorldSkills Competition in 2022. 

Video Showcase


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