Teaching Awards

2022 May - Teaching Awards

Award recipient Kevin Goh
Learning through discovery is probably what would be the statement that embodies the class philosophy I would tend towards. Especially in the field of I&E, and creating an environment of learning through discovery, through the sense of wonder and thought experiments. I would find the appeal of this could help students to see the complex things happening around them with a sense that they can participate in to make a difference.

Award recipient Ong Su Kit

I believe in empowering my students as co-drivers in their learning, to inspire them to make good decisions in the betterment of themselves. Through my open and earnest demeanour, students know that I do care and do like what I do. In turn, students do reciprocate my efforts to make the learning experience that little bit different, ending up with classes with lots of laughter yet never lacking in rigour. I know that I can teach and I want to continue to get better at it, this is what I do.

Award recipient Stella Thng

I believe in making learning relevant and fun! Everyone absorbs knowledge better when they can see how it benefits them personally. If they like HOW they learn, it deepens the experience, so I use trending topics, humor and stories to make the info stick. Leading the TF SCALE programme for ASEAN students, and teaching CET courses, have also inspired me to find new ways to engage international, and older/corporate, audiences. I’m blessed that in the process of teaching my students from all walks of life, they’ve also taught me so much.

Award recipient Samuel Tan

The pandemic and HBL have taught us that necessity really is the mother of invention. With proper planning and guidance, students (and teachers) have the ability to step out of their comfort zones, be agile and adaptable and surpass their perceived potential! The ingredients needed for great learning outcomes are simple: good preparation, suitable prompts and questions, a dash of spontaneity, a strong belief in the students’ potentialand magic will work its own way.

Award recipient Irene Lupton

The shift from face-to-face teaching to home-based learning at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 presented some challenges and prompted me to reflect on how my teaching style, lesson design and strategies might need to change in HBL and Flipped Learning. As a result, I use online tools which allow me to deliver a seamless and interactive learning experience for my students. Platforms such as Nearpod have allowed me to ensure that my students are engaged in our discussion-based lessons even while at home on their devices.

Award Recicpeint Noorashikin Rahman

My ritual before I walk into the classroom is to tell myself to keep an open-mind, to be patient and to listen. When students feel that they are being listened to and the difficulties they face in grasping a subject matter or in accomplishing a task are never inconsequential, learning can take place. I would create many opportunities for my students to reflect on what they are learning and how they are learning. These routines help them connect the significance of education to their growth and development and in finding their place in this world.