Get More Out Of Your Education

Do you want to be better prepared for university? Strengthen your mathematics skills in calculus, advanced topics in differentiation and integration, and more! Enhance your mathematics skills in preparation for admission to university.

Welcome on board to a structured programme. To be eligible for this programme, applicants need to have Engineering Mathematics 2 (EM2) grade of at least B+ and Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 in order to be considered.

Certificate in Advanced Engineering Mathematics (CAEM)

Offered to NP students in the School of Engineering and the School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology, this programme helps to strengthen and broaden your mathematical skills in preparation for university admission.

The syllabus is aligned to H2 A-Level Mathematics (2017) Syllabus 9758 and part of H2 Further Mathematics (2017) Syllabus 9649 to fulfil the admission requirement of A-level equivalent mathematics. Benefits include exemption from the NUS foundation math module MA1301 and students will be allowed to read modules listing A-level mathematics as a prerequisite.

Eligible students will be briefed by their School/Division on the registration procedure.  Students from Engineering Science will be automatically enrolled.  CAEM comprises of 3 modules and takes a total of 3 semesters to complete.