PLP Minors

PLP Minors

Graduate with a Diploma + Minor
Gain an Xtra edge for your future career

Personalised Learning Pathway (PLP) Programme

Pursue another passion outside of your diploma, chalk up a competitive edge over others, and open up more possibilities for your future career! With NP’s Personalised Learning Pathway (PLP) Programme, you can achieve all of these and more.

Through the PLP, you can gain skills and knowledge in a key area of your choice and graduate with a minor on top of your diploma. This strengthens your career resilience and empowers you to seize new job opportunities in an increasingly dynamic and volatile workplace. 



Choose from as many as 11 minors

As early as in the second semester of your first year of study, you can choose to pursue a minor – from as many as 11 minors! – under four pathways: Professional Skills, Entrepreneurship, Global Readiness and Social Leadership.

Pathways Infographics

Flexibility to graduate with more than 1 minor

To graduate with a minor, you would need to complete a suite of 3 learning units (LUs), which have been specially curated for the PLP programme. When you complete these 3 LUs, you will be given a ‘Minor’ certificate in acknowledgement that you have achieved some degree of mastery in your chosen skill area.

For the completion of 1 or 2 LU(s), you will receive an Enrichment Programme (EP) statement that you can include in your curriculum vitae. As you can take up a minor as early as in the second semester of your first year of study, you can even work towards graduating with more than one minor. 

NP’s PLP programme has a new Minor offering! Pop your green collar in the industry of your choice, as you graduate with a Minor in Sustainability.  

Specially curated learning units

All learning units have been specially curated for the PLP programme to ensure relevance. They provide either a curated depth or breadth of learning, depending on the specific skill area offered under the different PLP pathways.



Depth of learning

Professional Skills Pathway

Minor in

Data Analytics & AI

Proficiency LevelLearning Units
icon of basic BasicFundamentals of Data Analytics & AI
DAAI intermediate IntermediateProgramming for AI
DAAI advanced AdvancedProject in Data Analytics & AI


Breadth of learning

Entrepreneurship Pathway

Minor in



Stages of Business Growth

icon for Breadth Seed


Learning Units

Entrepreneurship First Steps

Starting Your Side Hustle

Breadth start


Learning Units

Startup Immersion Project

eCommerce for Entrepreneurs

Breadth sprout


Learning Units

Startup Competition

Global Startup Challenge

Breadth scale


Learning Units

Accelerator Programme



Hear from Our Students

Prabakaran Divyabarathi

As an International Trade & Business student, I am exposed to global trade, business practices and economics. To complement my diploma, I am currently pursing my second Learning Unit under the Minor in Entrepreneurship – eCommerce for Entrepreneurs which has exposed me to the behind-the-scenes of running a business and equips me with the skills to run my own business in the future! I also signed up for the ASEAN Readiness Trip under the Minor in Global Readiness as I wanted to explore other minors. I was able to gain insights to the global market in Vietnam and even build connections with the locals through the virtual programme!

Evelyn Koo

When deciding on my choice of diploma after O-levels, I was torn between two of my passions, Business Studies and Psychology. I eventually signed up for Business Studies with NP to pursue a career in human resource management. With PLP, I am able to pursue both my passions and build better working relationships with others through the combined skill sets with a Minor in Applied Psychology. Having gone through the Social Psychology Learning Unit, I now have a better understanding on the needs and wants of consumers, which helps improve my marketing strategies to make them more consumer-oriented.