Overseas Exposure

Global Exposure

The world has become borderless. You will need Xtraordinary skills and competencies to thrive in the interconnected global community.  That’s why at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we have placed much emphasis on developing global readiness amongst our students. In particular, our core strengths in understanding ASEAN and China will give our students a head start in engaging these important economies of the future.    


Ready to explore our exciting array of overseas programmes? Let’s go.



Overseas Merit Fellowship (OMF)


Beyond NP lies a complex, connected world and we are preparing you to thrive in it. The two- week OMF programme* by invitation will broaden your mind on critical global issues affecting Singapore today. 


In partnership with prestigious universities around the world, the OMF promises an experience like no other! Look forward to specially curated field trips to better understand the impact of technology, innovation and the humanities on societies in the region and beyond. Besides insightful lectures and industry visits, you may also get to work on meaningful multi-disciplinary projects to address community issues!


OMF is your ticket to challenge yourself to be a critical thinker and a social-minded global citizen! Are you in?



OMF boosted my love for learning and willingness to take risks, while emphasising the importance of having an open mind and open heart. It helped me develop critical thinking and insight about how society has evolved along with technology.

My OMF experience taught me to see things from different perspectives. I’ve learnt to enjoy the process of picking up skill sets that are beneficial in the workforce. These include patience in handling problems and analysing situations before making decisions.

* offered to selected final-year TCP students at NP

Temasek Foundation Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange (TF SCALE)

TF-SCALE is a solid ASEAN exchange programme for student leaders.  Through this programme, you will have the opportunity to interact with fellow ASEAN student leaders to gain a better appreciation of the economic, socio-political and cultural diversities of countries beyond our shores.

This programme is also a unique catalyst for you to build cross-cultural networks, develop global leadership skills and encourage mutual understanding as you work on projects together and take part in activities such as experiential learning journeys and networking sessions. 

In a nutshell, TF-SCALE will take you on an enriching and rewarding journey of exploration, self-discovery and team-bonding. 



The TF-SCALE programme illustrates how the ASEAN identity can be built by forging closer ties with youth in ASEAN. Youths learning, sharing and working together help build bonds of friendship and network that strengthens the community process in ASEAN.

The TF-SCALE is a school programme unlike any I’ve been on. I got to learn from the diverse teaching faculty from our university partner, experience real world immersion in the local culture and forge lasting friendships. It’s truly an experience that has helped me grow as a leader and a global citizen, while stimulating my awareness of issues in Thailand and the region.

Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP)

Our OIP is a great way for you to experience life as a student abroad! Over the course of a few weeks, you will join your course mates in attending classes in overseas universities. Expand your scope of learning with fresh insights and diverse perspectives gained from these lessons and through interactions with the locals. You’ll also get to immerse into the culture, lifestyle and practices of your host country.

Overseas Internships

Prepare yourself for a career with global responsibilities! Gain global exposure and increase your awareness of overseas markets through Overseas Internships. Are you game for a life-changing experience?

During my stay in Vietnam, I had a deeper understanding of the culture and business environment. Therefore, I hope to utilise my knowledge and experiences to help any Singapore company that wants to have a presence in Vietnam.

After this internship, I am definitely open to having a global career in the future if another opportunity arises. Working overseas has opened my eyes to the different cultures and lifestyle of the locals, and it was interesting to be able to make connections with them.

Global Entrepreneurial Internship Programme (GEIP)

Our signature GEIP gives you a sneak peek into startup life! For six months, our students get to experience life in innovative global startups – from Ho Chi Minh City to Shanghai–, partake in cross-cultural exchanges and network with established entrepreneurs. Your GEIP adventure will also include attending fireside chats and learning journeys with the best in the industry, and participating in NP’s Global Startup Challenge where aspiring startup founders like you can pitch your ideas to our experts. 

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It’s been a great pleasure to work with the Global Entrepreneurial Internship Programme interns because they are self-motivated team members and have been demonstrating strong professional capabilities. They can quickly adapt to diverse working environments and display strong communication skills. They also demonstrate a strong understanding of the scope and context of various projects and display keen attention to detail.

Through GEIP, I got to intern at Chinaccelerator, a startup accelerator based in Shanghai! The experience provided me with exposure to different industries, cultures and business ideas. On top of learning about entrepreneurship on an international scale, it has given me insights into how to scale up my own business when I start one down the road.

Youth Expedition Projects (YEP)

Every year, our students get to travel across borders to countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam for Youth Expedition Projects (YEP) where they work with an underserved community. These eye-opening experiences expand their worldview to gain a better understanding of socio-economic issues and nurture them to be socially responsible, active citizens. Through such exposure, our students develop confidence, resilience and leadership skills.