Overseas Exposure

We’ll get you global-ready

The world of the future is uncertain (but these days what isn’t?), complex (read “exciting”), borderless (a.k.a. open) and interconnected (think opportunities galore)! Whichever way you look at it, that big, wide world is a part of YOUR future. And we’re here to help get you ready for it!

Overseas career opportunities could be yours for the taking if you have the Xtraordinary skills – think cross-cultural intelligence and multi-lingual abilities – needed to thrive in this global community. With NP’s vast knowledge and strong connections in fast-growing South-East Asian (SEA) economies, let us get you SEA-savvy to seize new opportunities!

Overseas Internship Programmes

Global Entrepreneurial Internship Programme (GEIP)

Our signature GEIP gives you a sneak peek into start-up life! For six months, you’ll get to experience working life in bustling South-East Asian cities such as Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta, as well as innovation hubs like London and Shanghai.
 Hone both workplace and cross-cultural skills even as you receive mentorship from established entrepreneurs!

Your GEIP adventure will also include fireside chats and learning journeys, and the chance to participate in NP’s Global Startup Challenge, where aspiring start-up founders like you can pitch your ideas to a panel of experts.

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Success isn't just about what you know; it's also about who you know. While talent is essential, the power of networking and building relationships can create new opportunities. I’ve learnt about the importance of sharing ideas and seeking feedback from others, as the right connections can make a world of difference in your journey. My GEIP experience opened doors I never thought possible, and for that, I’m truly grateful.


I've learnt and grown so much as a community intern at CoderSchool! Over time, I developed the confidence to share my ideas and suggestions with the team. Apart from organising events, I even got to host some of them that featured big names in the field of tech & innovation!


At NP, we learnt about the importance of curating visitor experiences and how more tourists are willing to spend money on experiences instead of material items. As a Community Associate at True Digital Park, I put that knowledge into good use, by designing innovative and immersive experiences for visitors.


I managed a quality assurance automation project, where I developed automated scripts for cloud server deployment. I also tackled quality control concerns, by validating and resolving technical issues for clients. These hands-on experiences provided valuable insights into the fast-paced world of startup operations.

Course-based Overseas Internships

Want a taste of working abroad? Gain exposure to international markets and global practices when you sign up for an Overseas Internship, ranging from two to six months.

Our 8 Academic Schools have a network of overseas companies that offer exciting internship positions to students. While the countries may differ for each semester, you can be sure that each will offer unique opportunities!


Being part of a small but passion-driven team motivated me to do my best in every task. As a marketing intern, I worked on graphic and visual merchandising design, and was involved in product development and project management. The internship experience has opened my eyes to the role of a user experience designer!

Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP)

Our OIP is a great way for you to experience life as a student abroad! Over the course of a few weeks, you will attend classes in an overseas university, where you are sure to expand your scope of learning through exposure to fresh insights and diverse perspectives. The best way to do this? Immerse yourself fully in the culture and lifestyle of your host country!


Although I had been to Thailand previously, the OIP in Bangkok gave me new insights about the Thai people. Despite the language barrier and cultural differences, I managed to have meaningful interactions with the local students. It was refreshing to experience a different way of life, and I’m now more confident when I meet foreigners!


My OIP experience in Hanoi, Vietnam enabled me to develop cross-cultural skills, which are vital in today's globalised world. Understanding cultural differences and maintaining an open mind allowed me to effectively communicate with the Vietnamese peers I met during the trip.

Overseas Talent Development Programmes

Overseas Merit Fellowship (OMF)

This prestigious talent development programme is offered to a select group of students from The Christieara Programme who have demonstrated keen interest in global issues. Aimed at broadening the minds of participants, the itinerary of the two-week OMF is designed in partnership with a prestigious university in the destination country, and features one-of-a-kind experiences.

Participants can look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the impact of technology, innovation and the humanities on societies in the region and beyond. Besides specially curated field trips, insightful lectures and industry visits, you’ll also get to work on meaningful multidisciplinary projects to address community issues. OMF is your ticket to challenge yourself to be a critical thinker and a social-minded global citizen!


My two-week OMF experience in Brisbane has broadened my perspective on sustainability. I learned that it is not just limited to specific fields, but is essential in every field, including education. This experience has inspired me to champion social, economic, and environmental sustainability right here in Singapore.

Photo of OMF

Photo of a group of students at OMF at Brisbane
Overseas Merit Fellowship 2023, Brisbane, Australia on the theme of Sustainability

Temasek Foundation Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange (TF SCALE)

Join this popular student leadership exchange programme and engage in cross-cultural learning about the region’s economic and community issues. With your new-found insights, you’ll develop a better appreciation of economic, socio-political and cultural diversity in South-East Asia.


Participating in TF SCALE gave me the opportunity to meet local students from the Yogyakarta-based Universitas Gadjah Madah, one of the most established and largest institutions of higher education in Indonesia. Through the programme and interactions with the students, I learned a lot about business and cultural practices, as well as societal issues that the locals face. These experiences expanded my horizons and helped me to sharpen my communication skills.

Short-term Exposure Trips

Youth Expedition Projects (YEP)

Travel across borders to countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to support underserved communities. Apart from the chance to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve picked up from your course to tackle real-life issues in the community, be prepared for eye-opening experiences that will expand your worldview. Many participants have returned with a deeper understanding of socio-economic issues in the region and developed confidence, resilience and leadership skills through the experience.

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The YEP exposed me to the unique culture and way of life in Laos. I was touched by the openness and kindness of our students at Muang Kham Primary School as we taught them conversational English. We went to Laos hoping to make a difference, but returned home realising that they made a difference in our lives as well. We will always cherish the valuable life lessons they taught us.

Study trips

The study trips organised by your School will give you the opportunity to visit overseas industry partners to expand on the knowledge you have gained in your course! Hear about the industry trends and developments in dynamic cities that will help you to better appreciate the skills that are in demand. Take the opportunity to build an overseas professional network – it may just be the launchpad you need for your global career!

Minor in Global Readiness & Foreign Languages

Did you know that you can graduate with a Minor in Global Readiness or Foreign Languages, on top of your diploma at NP? Here’s how.

The Global Readiness Pathway under NP’s Personalised Learning Pathway (PLP) Programme offers two rewarding minors:

Minor in Global Readiness

Gain an in-depth awareness of developments in ASEAN, China and India. Deepen your intercultural skills and be better prepared for work in a highly competitive and global economic environment by taking a Minor in Global Readiness.

Learning units include Regional Knowledge, International Language/Regional Business Language, Cultural Intelligence Knowledge and Strategies for Success.


With the world becoming an increasingly connected place, I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond my diploma to prepare myself for future opportunities. The Minor in Global Readiness was a great way for me to improve communication with individuals across the globe. I was even able to partake in a Shanghai immersion programme and learn first-hand about their cultures and traditions!

Minor in Foreign Languages

Learn a language while you are in NP! Complete all three levels in either French, Japanese or Korean and be awarded the Minor in Foreign Languages certificate. Besides learning the basics of the language and the native country’s rich cultural heritage, you’ll leave with deeper global awareness, cross-cultural understanding, and a wider set of communication skills.