Minor in Sustainability

Green Your Future with NP’s new Minor in Sustainability

NP's Personalised Learning Pathway programme allows you to pop your green collar in the industry of your choice, as you graduate with a Minor in Sustainability on top of your diploma.

Why a Minor in Sustainability?


Growing Demand for Green Talent

As industries make the transition to become more sustainable in their practices, more careers are turning green. By 2030, the green economy
could create 24 million new jobs! Green jobs are present in all sectors.


Relevance to Every Diploma

You don’t need to be an environmentalist to create a better world! Whether your diploma is in Business, Engineering or any other discipline — NP’s Minor in Sustainability opens doors to more career options within your chosen field.


Be Part of the Green Generation

It’s no secret that the world as we know it is changing drastically, no thanks to climate change. As next-gen global citizens, you will need a good grasp of what a sustainable world means and be part of the movement to save Planet Earth with your skills and knowledge, and by the way you live, work and play in the future.


Value to Business & Community

Learn how to add value to businesses and communities through creative sustainable solutions for both social good and profit. Sustainability doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. So, businesses can be financially motivated to invest in sustainable practices.

What are Green Careers?

Green jobs are everywhere and they are present in all industries! In fact, green skills are being used in jobs that aren’t traditionally thought of as green. Here are some examples of how your green skills can power different sectors when your NP diploma is paired with a Minor in Sustainability.

Designing spaces for people and nature to coexist in harmony is a green career.

Diploma in Design
X Minor in Sustainability

Helping businesses create value through sustainability practices is a green career.

Diploma in Business Studies
X Minor in Sustainability

Developing content on TikTok to share your brand’s efforts in fighting climate change is a green career.

Diploma in Mass Communication
X Minor in Sustainability

Shaping the development of sustainable finance and green banking in Singapore is a green career.

Diploma in Banking & Finance
X Minor in Sustainability

Championing social sustainability and working with corporates to serve disadvantaged communities is a green career.

Diploma in Community Development
X Minor in Sustainability

Reducing the effects of global warming with innovative engineering solutions is a green career.

Diploma in Engineering Science
X Minor in Sustainability



  • Learn key sustainability concepts through interactive gaming, field trips, case studies & workshops
  • Work on collaborative projects with NP students from different courses
  • Experience blended learning that includes face-to-face sessions and online asynchronous lessons
  • Take up each of the three learning units and complete your Minor within about a week during vacation

When can I enrol?

Sign up for PLP Learning Units in January and July every year. Freshmen may start their PLP pursuits as early as Year 1 Semester 2!