Scholarships & Awards

Starting polytechnic life is an exciting rite of passage, and we are here to build your brighter future. At NP, we recognise and celebrate the diverse talents of our students who show capacity to achieve both in and out of the classroom.

Our host of awards and scholarships will open a door to the future for our students who walk through NP’s gates each year. 

Your future made possible, right here in NP.

Plus, we have exciting new scholarship opportunities lined up for students in 2023, so watch this space! 

Be an NP scholar with The Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholarship - the premier scholarship that is awarded to high calibre students within our community. Our NP scholars are selected based on their academic excellence, leadership potential and strong core values. 

If you are a first-year NP student, you will receive an invitation to apply for the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholarship in your first semester. Second and final-year students who perform well academically and in their CCAs are also invited to apply for the scholarship. 

This bond-free scholarship covers your polytechnic’s tuition fees and book allowance. You are also given the privilege to be part of NP’s distinguished The Christieara Programme. Also known as TCP, this is NP’s signature talent development programme designed to stretch the potential of our high performing students. Curious about TCP and how it benefits our students? Find out more here.

“I’m grateful and honoured to receive the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholarship as it recognises my tenacity and resilience while balancing my academics, CCA and social life. It also encourages me to take bolder steps to inspire my peers and put forth the best version of myself during my time in NP.”

Sim Ju An
Diploma in Biomedical Science, Year 3  

“As I have a strong passion for Design, I was confident in my application to the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholarship and was determined to make a positive impact with my interests. As an NP Scholar, I was able to take my design projects to greater heights by investing in more materials and methods with the added financial support. I hope to pursue university upon graduation and one day be a part of imparting design thinking and design skills to future generations.”

Lim Cai Qian
Diploma in Design, Year 3
The Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) Study Award is open to PFP students with good academic results, and strong leadership qualities and potential. All PFP students are invited to apply during their first semester in NP. This bond-free award is valued at $340 per academic year.

Thanks to the generosity of organisations and philanthropists, NP offers a wide range of external donor-supported scholarships for our students. They are open to passionate students who excel in their respective fields, participate actively in CCAs and demonstrates leadership qualities. 

The criteria for each award are set by the individual donor.  For some scholarships, deserving students are automatically nominated by their schools.  For other scholarships, eligible students will receive an invitation to apply. 

NP’s host of donor scholarships and awards include but are not limited to the following:

  • A*STAR Science Award (Polytechnic)
  • CSIT Diploma Scholarship
  • PUB Diploma Sponsorship in Environmental and Water Technology
  • PUB Diploma in Engineering Scholarship 
  • Sands Hospitality Scholarship
  • Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan Scholarship

“As a final-year student and a recipient of the Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan Scholarship, I’ve been provided opportunities to further my passion for community work through art. I’ve worked with Thye Hwa Kuan BP Family Centre to do an online Arts Jamming Programme with their children beneficiaries and exhibited their final pieces at Bukit Panjang Library. Having benefitted from this scholarship, I hope to inspire others to connect with the local community and also wish to start a ground-up initiative - to nurture creativity, self-expression and mental wellness.”

Nurul Aqilah Binte Mazromi, Diploma in Media Post-Production, Year 3
Recipient of the Tan Chin Tuan Scholarship

“Apart from allowing me to fully focus on my academic studies and passions without having to worry about school fees, the CSIT Diploma Scholarship also offered me the chance to embark on an internship as a software developer with CSIT. I got to work and learn from experts within the tech industry and pick up knowledge in the latest industry-standard technology. These will definitely come in handy as I hope to continue my studies through a Degree in Computer Science at NUS as my aspiration is to become a software developer.”

Ng Jia He Justin, Diploma in Information Technology, Class of 2022
Recipient of the CSIT Diploma Scholarship

“Since graduating from NP, I have continued in my pursuit in pharmacology. Back in poly I was motivated to apply for the A*STAR (Polytechnic) Award as I wanted to explore the research industry and gain hands-on experience in the field. Despite only being an intern at the Skin Research Institute of Singapore, I got to work on 3D printing of microneedles for biomedical applications and picked up skills such as the design of my own protocols and troubleshooting to get desired results. This unique experience gave me more insights into different research fields and broadened my perspectives and knowledge.”

Tay Jin Ting, Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science, Class of 2022 
A*STAR (Polytechnic) Award

NP students can find out more about available scholarships and awards through their advisors or the  student portal.

Recipients of Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholarship are not allowed to hold another scholarship concurrently.  

Recipients of other award, scholarship or bursary have to check with the awarding organisations to obtain consent for concurrent holding.

Concurrent holding of bursary and scholarship is generally allowed, except in the case whereby a scholar receives a full scholarship that covers the tuition fee and provides a monthly or annual allowance.  All awardees are expected to declare their agreement to abide by this condition.  

We all need a little help sometimes. Besides scholarships, NP offers a host of bursaries, grants and aid to assist students in need in paying for their educational expenses.