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About Us

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Standard Service Packages

Different Category of Services provided by EWTCOI which includes analysis, characterisation, evaluation tests & data monitoring.

  • SEM Analysis
  • Contact Angle
  • Surface Charge
  • Pore Size & Pore Size Distribution
  • Tensile Strength
  • Stability of Membranes in Different pH Solutions
  • Pure Water Permeability
  • Selectivity
  • Molecular Weight Cut-Off
  • Fouling Evalution - Reversible & Irreversible​
  • pH, Colour, Turbidity, Conductivity, TDS, COD, BOD, Oil & Grease
  • Preliminary Process Design
  • Review and Recommendation

​Evaluation of: 

  • Flow Rate
  • Temperature
  • Pressure

Analysis of: 

  • Yield %
  • Purity %
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS)
  • Physical Properties Analysis
  • hemical Properties Analysis
  • ​Mechanical Properties Analysis
  • ​​Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
  • Surface Morphology Analysis​

Industry & Collaboration


Green Building Innovations


Industrial Resource Innovations


Membrane & Water Innovations


The Centre has a multi-disciplinary team with core expertise in:

  • Membrane development & applications
  • Industrial water solutions
  • Sustainable materials development & applications
  • Energy efficiency monitoring & management systems
  • Air-conditioning design & development
  • Computational fluid dynamics

The Centre offers the following services through consultancy or applied research and development (R&D) projects, but not limiting, in:

  • Technology feasibility studies
  • Third party performance evaluation of systems
  • Process enhancement or improvements
  • Product design
  • Material characterization
  • Computer simulation
  • Test bedding of technology

Consultancy projects

  • All projects are to be funded by enterprises.
  • However, enterprises can apply for funding from various schemes offered by Enterprise Singapore if they have novel ideas or innovative technology.

Applied R&D projects

  • All projects are to be funded by enterprises.
  • However, the Centre can collaborate with enterprises to apply for funding from various government agencies. Terms and conditions stipulated by the respective agencies apply.
  • We keep abreast of technology through regular networking seminars, forums and visits to companies.
  • We also participate in overseas study missions to keep pace with the latest research and development in technology in our areas of specialities.

While a large proportion of our projects are with the water, air, waste and energy industry sectors directly under our 4 focus areas, there have been many other industry sectors that leverage on our multidisciplinary expertise for projects related to disciplines in chemical, electronics, food, furniture, packaging, aquaculture, construction, semi-conductor and marine.

By tapping on the Centre’s expertise, technical know-how and facilities, SMEs can enhance or develop new products/processes and bring their new technology ideas closer to the market. SMEs can thus move up the technology value chain with increased productivity and competitiveness. The collaborative opportunity will pave the way for future partnerships or possible spin-offs in R&D or other consultancy projects.

You can contact us for a discussion on your product ideas or scope and desired outcome of your project. Based on your needs, we will prepare the proposal for your consideration and acceptance and bring together the expertise from our multidisciplinary team to work with you to bring ideas to market.

  1. Meetings with Enterprise
  2. EWTCOI conducts technical review, scopes project and estimate costs
  3. EWTCOI offers Project Proposal to Enterprise
  4. Enterprise accepts Proposal
  5. Commencement of Project
  6. EWTCOI progressively updates Enterprise
  7. Completion of Project

There is no constraint on the number of parties collaborating together in a project. Consortia projects involving more than 1 client company (MNC and SMEs or a group of SMEs) can help to defray the total project cost so that each party has a lower initial project layout.

For projects where there is a clear indication that IP will arise, the ownership of an IP depends on the direct contribution from each party and must be clearly spelt out at the commencement of each project. This agreement must include terms related to IP rights, inventions and innovation, allocation of IP share ratios based on the extent of involvement, investment on manpower and resources.

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