Green Campus

 NP is committed to Environmental Stewardship. We strive to shape a Green and Sustainable Campus by harnessing smart technology, adopting sustainable solutions, and promoting environmental awareness in our community. 


Here at NP, we understand that environmental sustainability has an impact on everyone – from our students and staff to our wider community. To play our part in shaping a sustainable future, NP is committed to environmental stewardship and has been making sustainability investments since 2013.

As a climate-conscious campus, we upgraded our air-conditioning and water infrastructure, harnessed smart technology and adopted sustainable solutions to reduce energy and water consumption. Recognised for our efforts in pioneering innovative green initiatives, the awards and accolades we have received inspire us in our journey to build a resilient and sustainable campus. 

Awards & Accolades


Watermark Award 2008

Logo for Junior Water Prize

Singapore Junior Water Prize organiser since 2008*


President’s Award for the Environment in 2014


Energy Efficiency National Partnership Awards 2021 - Public Sector (Organisation)

Logo for eco office

Eco-Office certification**

North West Green Living Awards 2023

North West Green Living Awards 2023

* The School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology at NP organises the Singapore Junior Water Prize national competition to promote awareness and interest in water and environmental issues.

** 13 schools/offices have been given the Eco-Office certification by the Singapore Green Building Council. The aim is to have the remaining 14 schools/offices certified by 2023.


Campus in a garden

Campus in a garden

Leader in water & energy conservation

Leader in water & energy conservation

Pioneer in using solar panels

Pioneer in using solar panels

Innovator in sustainable solutions

Innovator in sustainable solutions

Campus as a living laboratory

Campus as a living laboratory

Green champion

Green champion

NP's Sustainability Goals

Water Usage

Water usage

Reduce by 10% by 2030

Energy Usage

Energy usage

Reduce by 20% by 2030

Paper Purchase

Paper purchase

Reduce by 30% by 2025

Waste Generation

Waste generation

Reduce by 30% by 2030

Carbon Emission

Carbon emission

Reduce by 15% by 2030

Plant Diversity

Plant diversity

Increase by 140 species by 2030

Eco-Office Certification

Eco-Office certification

For all 27 offices /departments by 2024

E-Waste Collection

E-waste collection

Increase by 400% by 2025 (from a collection of 300kg in 2020)