Whistle-blowing for Staff

Staff Misconduct Reporting

Reportable incidents include, but are not limited to the following improper or unethical activities, actual or suspected:

  • Failure to observe a legal obligation;
  • Miscarriage of justice;
  • Endangering the health or safety of persons or the environment;
  • Financial and non-financial administrative malpractice (e.g. not observing proper procedures for tendering);
  • Falsification, forgery or fraudulent alteration of documents (e.g. cheques, contractual agreements, invoices, purchase orders etc.) or data (e.g. financial, operational or computer) and submission of fictitious documents;
  • Academic or professional malpractice (e.g. violation of intellectual property rights or failure to comply with Research Code of Conduct);
  • Improper conduct or unethical behaviour (e.g. inappropriate staff-student interaction or behaviour, harassment);
  • Corruption, bribery, embezzlement, cheating, theft or other acts of dishonesty;
  • Conflict of interest without due disclosure;
  • Unauthorised access or disclosure of data & information;
  • Acts of causing harm, retaliation, intimidation, discrimination or unfair treatment against a person who have made an allegation or assisted in the investigation of an allegation;
  • Participation in or condoning a reportable wrongdoing through wilful suppression or concealment of any information relating to a wrongdoing;
  • Posting/ sharing extremist views, expressing intent to and/or inciting others to participate in acts of violence, making remarks that promote ill-will or hatred towards people of other races or religions.


Protection for Informant

A genuine whistle-blower who files a complaint or concern in good faith shall not be discriminated, intimated, or harassed. The whistle-blower is protected even if the allegations prove to be incorrect or unsubstantiated.

A whistle-blower who raises genuine concern(s) under this policy need not fear any reprisals provided that he/she is acting in good faith.

However, NP does not condone frivolous, malicious or allegations made for personal gain. NP staff and students making such allegations may face disciplinary action in accordance to NP’s disciplinary procedures. Non-NP staff/students who make such allegations may be reported to the police.



NP strongly encourages the whistle-blower to leave his/her name in the complaint so that NP can get more information, seek clarifications and investigate the matter effectively.

The whistle-blower can be assured that all concerns will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Exceptional circumstances under which information provided by the whistle-blower could or would not be treated with strict confidentiality include:

  • Where NP is under a legal obligation to disclose the information provided;
  • Where the information is already in the public domain;
  • Where the information is given on a strictly confidential basis to legal or auditing professionals for the purpose of obtaining professional advice;
  • Where the information is given to the Police or other authorities for criminal investigation.

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