Building a Positive NP Community

NP is committed to fostering a safe, healthy and inclusive learning environment for our students. This includes making our campus accessible and providing equal opportunities for all students including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). 

Code of Conduct

What makes an NP student and how can you contribute to creating a safe and respectful environment on campus? Learn more about our Code of Conduct


Peer Helpers Programme

If you find yourself facing any difficulties and want a listening ear, our Peer Helpers are here to support you. The Peer Helpers Programme recruits and trains NP student volunteers to lend a listening ear and show care to fellow students encountering challenges in their lives.

This programme covers every academic school, and our trusted peer helpers are guided by trained mentors.

Special Educational Needs

NP believes in fostering an inclusive community that promotes a culture of understanding, respect and support for our students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Students with similar SEN conditions are encouraged to attend support group sessions (aka tea sessions) where they share their experiences of school life, and encourage one another in a safe environment. SEN students may also tap on the MOE SEN Fund to get access to Assistive Technology devices at no cost.

Sensory Room

Poly life can get a little hectic sometimes and you may need a time-out. Besides our lush greenery and dedicated nooks on campus for studying and relaxing, our Sensory Room on campus has been designed as a calming refuge for students. It provides blankets, beanbags and other amenities that help students regulate themselves and reduce anxiety in an immersive sensory environment. 

Did you know?

There is a student-led initiative called NP Supportify among our CCAs? Launched in 2021, NP Supportify assigns SEN and non-SEN members to ‘playlists’ or support groups where they meet bi-weekly to provide support for SEN students while building understanding, interdependence and resilience amongst the SEN community. Keen to find out more? Click here.


We are here to help!

Here is a list of useful contact channels for NP students

Crisis Counselling Helpline

If you are in emotional distress, call 6460 6777

Student Counselling and Care

Tel: 6460 6380 (WhatsApp or call during office hours)


Or schedule a counselling session via

Campus Security

For medical and other emergencies on campus, call 6460 6999


Keep our campus a safe place. Report an incident here

General Enquiries & Feedback

Tel: 6466 6555