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Two female poly graduates hope to join the army

07 May 2019    |   Lianhe Zaobao

Two recent poly graduates have set their hearts on joining the army. One of them is Network Systems and Security graduate Gigi Tuang, who has applied for the SAF Merit Scholarship. She is still determined to become an air force pilot in the future, if she is unsuccessful in her application. Gigi was inspired after attending an army talk. She said: “I'm very active, so I am not afraid of the tough training. I was very certain about my aspirations after completing my internship. A desk-bound job is not for me." Although her parents are worried about her future, Gigi told them she would regret not chasing her dreams if she had to give up on this opportunity.

Another student who has similar aspirations is Hong Hui Xuan, a Film, Sound & Video graduate from NP. She plans to join the army as she believes it is her duty as a Singaporean. There are several “female superheroes" amongst this year's graduating cohort, who are bucking the trend and choosing non-conventional roles. For example, Product Design & Innovation graduate Zhao Rui Yin completed an internship where she designed cars.