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Polytechnic students and teachers to pull off virtual graduation

27 Apr 2020    |   Lianhe Wanbao

Graduation for this year’s cohort may be cancelled due to the coronavirus situation, but the polytechnics are coming up with different ways to celebrate this important milestone. NP will launch virtual graduation activities such as designing Instagram filters and stickers of campus landmarks and graduation apparel for students to use. Graduates are encouraged to upload their photos and videos and share their own testimonials on social media, and outstanding ones will be shared on NP’s social media. NP and RP will both share a video of their lecturers congratulating their graduates. One TP Diploma in Communications & Media Management graduate held his own 2-hour virtual graduation ceremony with six friends on Zoom, where they congratulated and wished each other well.

One of NP’s top graduates this year, Zenith Tay, was also featured. The article shared how he had dropped out of secondary school due to his parents’ divorce and repeated Secondary 3 twice. It was during his part-time work as a waiter where he met fellow part-time colleagues who worked very hard but are unable to earn much and contemplated if he wanted this life for himself. This spurred him to return back to his secondary school, where he luckily managed to re-enrol with ease and turned into an outstanding student. He decided to join NP’s Diploma in Banking & Financial Services as he was interested in it since the age of 13 and he saw how a lack of financial management partly caused the breakdown of his parents’ marriage. Zenith graduated from NP as the top of his cohort, recipient of the Lien Ying Chow Gold Media and Ngee Ann Polytechnic Outstanding Achievement Award.

Along with Zenith’s feature, a pair of identical twins who overcame their learning difficulties and enrolled in SP’s Diploma in Engineering Systems. One of them became the top graduate and both have been accepted into SIT and SUTD.

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