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NP entrepreneurship competition winners open food stalls on campus

03 Jan 2024    |   Lianhe Zaobao

Synopsis: This article talks about NP’s ‘Be Your Own Boss’ competition winners, who received $5,000 in funding to start a business, and their experiences operating stalls on campus. This interview features 18-year-old Huang Xuhuan (Kimberly Wong), who runs sushi stall, Oishii Daily, and 19-year-old Xu Shaojun (Daven Koh), who co-founded Acai Den. The teams will also be a part of the BYOB Food Street, selling their products during Open House happening from 4-6 Jan 2024. The BYOB competition, which started in 2015, is meant to nurture budding student entrepreneurs. Since its launch, three student groups have successfully expanded their businesses beyond our campus.