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‘My SignOff’ specially designed by NP students for online shoppers

10 Jan 2019    |   Berita Harian

This article features My SignOff, a convenient storage system which allows users to receive parcels remotely. Developed by NP’s final-year Electrical Engineering students Zhang Siyi and Muhamad Badrul Amin B Hazlan, this innovative project aims to make deliveries less of a hassle. My Signoff works like a safe which can be attached securely to the front of a home for example. When a delivery person arrives at the door of a house and rings the bell on the device, a text message will be sent to the homeowner’s mobile. The homeowner can monitor the item delivery via video on a mobile app. They can also open and lock the storage remotely. This project will be featured at NP’s Open House which takes place from 10 to 12 January.