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Model student

12 May 2020    |   Lianhe Zaobao

NP graduate Cheng Shi Hui became her family’s sole breadwinner at the age of 14, after an accident left her father jobless. She had to juggle part-time jobs and her studies. Her hard work paid off, as she graduated from NP with flying colours, and is one of the top graduates of her cohort. She has received an offer to pursue her degree at NTU and hopes to become a lecturer in future. Although it was incredibly challenging, and there were many times when Shi Hui just wanted to give up, she is thankful that her my teachers and friends were always there to support her. With their encouragement, she remained focused and studied hard. But Shi Hui hit yet another stumbling block – she did not perform well in English in the ‘N’ Level examinations. She was discouraged and became very introverted after entering ITE. However, she gradually began to appreciate the care and concern from her lecturers, who encouraged her to participate actively in school events and competitions. Her self-esteem and life also changed for the better – from being almost a recluse, to blossoming into a more sociable and confident version of herself.

model student