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E-portfolio increases convenience for employers and institutions for higher learning

04 May 2019    |   Lianhe Zaobao

20-year-old Charmaine Ang received a job offer even before graduating, thanks to her e-portfolio. She was one of the 270 graduates who received a diploma at last Friday's graduation ceremony at NP. Starting from this year, all NP students will graduate with an e-portfolio. Charmaine said a local animation company saw her online portfolio and got in touch with her. She said: “We started creating our portfolio right from our first year. We worked closely with our mentors, who offered us advice on what to include in our portfolio." Charmaine added that an e-portfolio was more environmentally friendly. It also allowed her to showcase her skill sets. During the graduation ceremony at NP, Minister for Communications and Information Mr S. Iswaran also encouraged graduates to remain nimble to changes in the industry by having a passion for learning. He also shared that NP has launched a microlearning app, Professions, to help people learn anywhere and anytime.