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Culture Club: ‘Being local’ as a competitive edge, gaining the favour of local artists

16 Oct 2023    |   Money FM 89.3

Synopsis: NP’s School of Engineering alumni and Chief of Business & Co-Founder of FATfreq, Ivan Cheong shares about his entrepreneurship journey that started during his polytechnic years. Inspired by his lecturer to start his own business, he and his co-founders wanted to ‘stay local’ and meet the needs of In-Ear Monitors in Singapore while providing a cost-effective and time-efficient option for musicians. Today, the company has collaborated with local artists and international musicians while also branching into the audiophile market. Moving forward, the team hopes to support hearing aid devices. Ivan also shared about how IHLs like NP has provided a platform and necessary resources to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to take their ideas to the next level.

Listen here.