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Fines & Payment


To provide quality access to resources for patrons, the Library imposes fines and charges for overdue, lost or damaged items. 

You may view and pay any incurred fines online via your Library account

Overdue Fines

    Print Books$0.10 per day
    Multimedia$0.10 per day
    Back Issues of Magazines / Periodicals$0.10 per day
    Reference Book
    e.g. Standards
    $0.10 per day
    Restricted Media
    e.g. R21 Feature Films

    $0.10 per day (applies to NP staff who can loan it out of Library premises)

    $0.10 per hour (applies to NP students who can only loan it for on-premise viewing)

    Please note:

    • Total overdue fines can only be calculated and paid once items have been returned. Otherwise, overdue fines will continue to incur every day until it is returned. 
    • Items unreturned more than 35 days after its due date are considered as lost and will incur lost fines.
    • Fines not paid within the calendar year will incur an administrative fee. 
    • You will be temporarily unable to borrow or renew items if you have overdue items or unpaid fines in your account. Full loan privileges will resume once all fines are paid and all overdue items returned.

    Long Overdue Items

    Items not returned more than 35 days after its due date are considered lost and will incur lost fines.

    Lost Charges for each Lost / Damaged Item include:
    • Replacement Cost based on price paid by the Library for the lost/damaged item or price to replace a complete set (if the item cannot be purchased separately)
    • Processing Fee of $10 + GST for each item lost/damaged

    View and pay fees online via your Library account.  

    Returning 'Lost' Items:

    If you return the item, lost charges will be waived.

    You will instead pay overdue fines calculated from the item’s due date to the date that item was returned

    Item Replacement of Lost / Damaged Item:

    You may choose to purchase and replace the lost/damaged item with an exact copy of the item or with a copy of its newer edition for the library, subject to approval. In this case, only the processing fee of $10 + GST applies. 

    Note: We do not issue refunds of payments made.

    Report Loss or Damages

    If you have lost or damaged a borrowed item, please report it to us via live chat or email us at We will then be able to review it on a case-by-case basis.



    Easily pay fines anytime by scanning the paynow QR code in your Library Account.  

    Please note that payments made are non-refundable except expressed or approved by the Library.