Our Story

The Lien Ying Chow Library (LYCL) is an academic library of Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), dedicated to supporting education, research and life-long learning within the NP community. 

Since its establishment in 1963 during Ngee Ann College days, LYCL has evolved into an esteemed academic library providing valuable resources, both in print and electronic formats, as well as its signature learning journeys and seminars to cater to NP’s academic schools, faculty, staff and students.

LYCL creates a vibrant learning environment with collaboration and discussion facilities as well as study spaces, serving as an inter-disciplinary hub where diverse staff and students from various academic schools can come together to learn, engage, interact and co-create knowledge.

The library’s primary mission is to promote digital and media literacy, foster critical thinking and spark intellectual curiosity, in alignment with NP's dedication to academic excellence and community engagement.


Our History

The history of the Library stems back to the Ngee Ann College days in 1963. The library was located then on levels 3 & 4 of the college at the Teochew Building at 97 Tank Road from 1963 to 1968.

The Library was relocated to the main block of the hilltop complex when Ngee Ann College moved from Tank Road to Clementi Road in 1968.  It was known as NP Library when Ngee Ann Polytechnic came into being on 3 Mar 1982.

As the campus expanded, NP Library was finally relocated to our current Block 1, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. in August 1983.

NP Library in 1983

Library in Administrative and Library Block, 1983 (Image from The Ngee Ann Story: The first 25 years, pg. 82)

Renaming to Lien Ying Chow Library

Renaming to Lien Ying Chow Library

NP Library was renamed to Lien Ying Chow Library (LYCL) on 31 Jan 2007 with the setup of a 67​ sqm Lien Ying Chow Gallery to commemorate the late philanthropist Dr Lien Ying Chow (1906 – 2004).​ Dr Lien was one​ of the founding fathers of NP and was highly celebrated as a successful entrepreneur, banker, hotelier, property magnate and philanthropist. 

The Library’s renaming and launch of the Lien Ying Chow Gallery aims to keep Dr. Lien’s vi​sion & memory alive. It also allows NP students to remember NP’s rich heritage and be inspired by Dr. Lien’s legendary business acumen and admirable qualities such as perseverance, tenacity, philanthropy and humility.​​​

Mural Masterpiece

The Mural Masterpiece was launched on 21 Oct 1986​ to promote the arts and culture amidst the quest of excellence for technology and economic growth. Sponsored by Ngee Ann Kongsi at $53,000, the Mural was created by local renowned artist and sculptor Mr Chua Mia Tee. It encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Singapore and the NP community in pursuit of excellence in education, science and technology.

Mural Masterpiece

Towards High Technology, 1986
Bas-relief polymarble | 2.55 x 10.6m
Gift of Ngee Ann Kongsi
Collection of Ngee Ann Polytechnic​


2023 - Upgraded to a new Library System

Library Mobile and Library New Discovery were launched to provide users with a one-stop seamless discovery experience to Library’s services and resources.

2023 - E-Learning on ChatGPT

An e-Learning video on ChatGPT for learning was developed by the Library to inculcate professional and smarter use of ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools for learning. This was made available in the Plagiarism e-Learning module on BrightSpace LMS open to all students.

2023 - PowerUP! Learning Festival (3rd Run)

Power Up! is further enhanced with wider and more personalised collaboration with the Schools and prominent Industry Partners (e.g. Adobe, Intel, Microsoft, Salesforce, Straits Times, NLB). Covers Talks & Workshops, Digital Quest Learning Journey, Library Virtual Hunt, Online Escape Room Game, e-Learning packages and curated resources. New initiatives include industry-focused training/workshops by Microsoft and Adobe to level-up NP student ambassadors’ skills on a suite of IT solutions in the various sectors.

2023 - Library Gantry

Library launched its automated gantry in Apr 2023 to offer better security, as well as to provide a more enhanced experience. Through ID authentication, the gantry provides more information on library patrons which could be used to design better library services. The gantry also serves as an added security through automation, which contributes to more efficient manpower management.

2022 - E-Learning Package on Computational Thinking

The e-Learning package on Computational Thinking (CT) Skills was developed by Library to improve students’ critical thinking skills under Digital Life@Polys framework. It was collaborated with IMDA, NIE, JP-CETL and NP’s Digital Competency Workgroup.

2022 - Curated Guides to support Future Ready competencies

The 4 Poly Libraries (NP, NYP, SP, TP) have collectively curated 16 resource guides on SSG Critical Core Skills, 8 guides on SkillsFuture Series – Emerging skills and other additional topics, such as Computational Thinking, AI and Wellness (under Joint-Poly Libraries Area 3: Curation & Resource Development). These guides foster students’ holistic learning in competencies alongside academic schools to stay ahead in their studies and work upon graduation.

2022 - PASAR LIB Workshop to new lecturers

To foster Digital Literacy, the Library has enhanced its Pasar LIB workshop for new lecturers (part of CLTE’s Professional Development in Education) with a phygital shopping experience through an inhouse developed app where Lecturers could select library resources they deem useful to meet their Online Asynchronous Learning (AL) and In-Person Learning (IPL) into their cart.

2022 - Book Buffet with a Heart

To inculcate the joy of reading and community engagement, the Library organised the “Book Buffet with a Heart” where withdrawn print titles were given a second life through adoption by the campus community with voluntary donation. This event was also collaborated with CCA groups – LEO Club, NP Mentors and SOE/Salvation Army.

2022 - Revamp of the Library’s Online Information Touchpoints

As part of Library’s transformative effort towards a seamless, self-service and user-centric service, the key online information touchpoints in the Library, namely the Library website, Live Chat and Chatbot were revamped. This includes the re-design of the architecture, navigation and content of the Library’s website. The objectives are to uplift the Library’s brand image, engage with patrons virtually and reduce the patrons’ time and provide ease to search for library resources and services.

2021 - TEMI

The Library piloted TEMI as an unmanned service concierge robot and is exploring ways to integrate TEMI deeper with backend operational workflows to further improve staff productivity.

2021 - SMART Locker

As part of the Joint-Poly collaboration for unified services, NP Library is also helming the Smart Locker initiative and exploring future possibilities of RFID technologies for the Polys.

2021 – Power Up!

NP Library together with 4 Poly Libraries have implemented a Joint-Poly Libraries Collaboration (JPL) Framework to collectively take the Poly Libraries towards the Library of the Future (LoF) to provide a richer spectrum of resources and better experience for the students.

2021 – More SMART Books

NP Library collaborated with the School of Design & Environment (DE), School of Film & Media Studies (FMS), School of Health Sciences (HS) and School of Life Science & Technology (LSCT) to empower students with personalised learning experience using McGraw-Hill Connect smart books to support their hybrid learning with learning analytics. The Library had also increased its smart books offerings from two additional publishers, Cengage and Pearson.

2020 - System: New & Upgrades

The Library's catalogue was upgraded for mobile friendliness to provide an improved user experience. An improved A to Z listing of databases was also implemented with greater ease of access to new and popular databases through one interface.

2020 – Digital Life@NP framework

The Library’s Digital Life@NPTM framework ,which encompasses Digital Literacy and Cyber-Wellness modules, was expanded to include Plagiarism, Copyright, Mental Wellness, Campus Wellness, and Artificial Intelligence modules. The framework was highlighted in MOE's Press Release on 4 Mar 2020.

2020 - Rebranded as Digital Life@Polys

The 5 Poly Libraries initiated the Joint-Poly Libraries Collaboration (JPL), and following the NP Library's Digital Life@NPTM framework was embraced by JPL for Learning Services and rebranded as Digital Life@PolysTM.

2020 – COVID-19 Measures

A comprehensive Library COVID-19 CareKit was packaged and disseminated to library patrons upon the announcement of the Circuit Breaker, to support patrons with updated information on library loans, opening hours, and provide 24x7 online e-resources and customised curated resources (covering Mental Wellness, Positivity, Tech's Big Moments, and Discern Fact from Fake News).

2020 – Participation in DATxNP

Two teams from the Library participated in DATxNP, a Data Arcade Tournament NP partnered with GovTech to organise as DAT2020's agency partner. One of the team's projects on "D-Hero (Dengue Hero) in the COVID-19 pandemic" won the 2nd prize.


The Library's initiatives in the e-Learning packages on Digital Literacy and Cyber Wellness (part of NP Library's Digital Life@NPTM framework) were featured in the Singapore Journal of Library and Information Management 2018/2019.


The Library implemented new digital initiatives, such as a virtual bookshelf with seamless search and intuitive browsing of new, popular, and relevant resources, a visual map on the catalogue to help patrons identify quickly an item’s physical location, and the “Ask Library” chatbot to address 24x7 frequently asked queries.


A Finance Lab with 12 Bloomberg workstations to access real-time financial data was opened on 16 Oct 2017.


Library partnered with the academic schools and Office of Internships and Careers (OIC) to conduct Digital Portfolio training to all students. It covers steps to create an online digital portfolio and showcase it on LinkedIn or Weebly. The teaching is supported by a Digital Portfolio website created by Library.


The Library's Room Booking System was enhanced to confirm and notify users on their bookings through emails. This eliminates the need to print hard copy booking slips.


Library Interactive Guide on touchscreen monitors was implemented and made available on every floor. The objective is to enable users to navigate their way around the Library easily by finding location of facilities, services, books on subjects of interest and information posters. It provides the location on the map with shelf no, picture and description of the facility/service.


An Interactive Cube with two Huemi Interactive Multi-touch stations was set up. The stations are installed with educational games and applications to enable students to concurrently interact, engage, collaborate and have fun.


Library co-ordinated the NP Online Bookshop project with our collaborative partner, UBS Library Services Pte Ltd. The objective is to facilitate students' purchase of textbooks at the best possible discounts. It is also a platform for the purchase of all general, leisure reading titles at discounts only applicable to NP students, staff and alumni. The Bookshop comes on-campus twice a year at the commencement of the semesters for immediate sale of textbooks to students.


Library on Twitter was launched on 3 Jan. This social networking platform complements the Library's Facebook which is popular with students. The objective is to create a presence on the popular social networking platform where students congregate, to draw their attention to new titles, popular tites and other library announcements.


Online Discussion Room booking system with enhanced features was developed with ASP.Net framework and implemented with effect from 18 Jan.


MetaLib federated search engine was implemented in March to replace WebFeat.


First Library to set-up a Wealth Creation InfoCentre with the objective of promoting financial literacy.


RFID self-service issue was implemented on CDs/DVDs/VCDs and Feature Films Collection in Lifestyle Library.


Newspaper Reading Corner was set up. This was sponsored by Singapore Press Holdings and Singapore Press Foundation.


Information Skills was infused into the School of Engineering's curriculum under the newmodule "Engineering - A Creative Profession".


Refurbishment of Academic Library completed. Highlights include 38 Discussion Rooms created (formerly 4 Rooms). Closed Stacks was also set up.


Friends of Ngee Ann were given extended usage of Library.


Training of lecturers in integrating library resources into their courseware on Blackboard Learning Management System.


The first tertiary library to set up a Lifestyle Library.


Web OPAC implemented and Alumni Membership was introduced


Self-service loans for videos implemented.


Wireless LAN was implemented on Library Level 4.


Relocation of the Media Centre within the Main Library.


Library System was upgraded from version 5.1 to 5.1b. Internet accessibility to OPAC enabled.


Library upgraded the Library System to URICA 5.1 Library System.


First tertiary institution locally to implement Library Home Page on the Web.


Migrated from Checkpoint to 3M Library Detection System.


French, German, Japanese and Chinese books and Media Collection were introduced. Classical music CDs Collection were introduced.


Leisure Reading Selection programme introduced to encourage students to read widely and beyond their texts.


Information Assistant Scheme implemented.


Individual and Corporate Membership Schemes introduced.


Library took on responsibility over all copyright matters. CD-ROM databases introduced.


OPAC was launched. First Library to implement a fully integrated library system.


Contract signed for purchase of URICA/MICRODATA Integrated Library System and Microcomputer Resource facility was set up.


First library in ASEAN region to implement an in-house developed Online Circulation Control system.


First tertiary library to set up an Audio Resource Centre.