Access & Membership

Who Can Use The Library?

Lien Ying Chow Library is a members-only library.

We currently serve:

  • NP Students & Staff
  • NP Affiliates (NIEC@NP Students & Lecturers, SIT@NP Students & Lecturers)
  • Registered NP Library External Members

    Guest Visitors may request permission to enter the library by emailing us at

    Membership Type & Account ID

      ProfileMembership TypeLibrary Account ID

      NP Staff

      • NP Full-Time Admin Staff
      • NP Full-Time Lecturers
      • NP Adjunct Lecturers
      Staff MembershipNP Staff NPNet ID (e.g. abc1) & password
      NIEC@NP Staff LecturerStaff MembershipNIEC Staff ID & password
      SIT@NP LecturerStaff MembershipSIT Staff ID (e.g. G12345) & password

      NP Student

      • NP Full-Qualification Diploma students
      • NP Full-Qualification Diploma students via CET Academy
      • NP Poly Foundation Programme students
      • NIEC@NP PET students
      Student MembershipNP Student ID (e.g. S10101010) & Brightspace password
      NIEC@NP CET StudentStudent MembershipNIEC Student ID (e.g. 12N34567) & password
      SIT@NP StudentStudent MembershipSIT Student ID (e.g. 1234567) & password
      ELBC@NP StudentExternal Membership

      Library ID (e.g. Y123456 or X123456) & password*

      Login email  e.g.

      NP Student Alumni

      • registration required with membership fee
      External Membership

      Library ID (e.g. X123456) & password*

      Login email  e.g.

      Public: Individual / Corporate (phased out)

      • no longer accepting registrations
      External Membership

      Library ID (e.g. X123456) & password*

      Login email  e.g.


      • NP Temporary & Part-Time staff are unable to request for membership. NP Contract Staff may request for membership with prior approval of their Department Director by emailing us at
      • If you are a visiting NP-affiliated educator and wish to request entry or loan/access privileges, email us at
      *For External Members: To reset your password, click here

      External Membership & Registration

      NP Student Alumni interested in accessing our Library are welcome to sign up as external members for an annual fee.


      • NP Student Alumni (application required)
      • Retired NP Staff (application required)
      • ELBC@NP students


      • 1 year (renewable), requires manual application and renewal
      • Note: ELBC@NP Students are assigned external membership for the duration of their bridging course
      External Membership ProfileAnnual Fee
      NP Student Alumni$40 + GST


      • Annual fees are non-refundable
      • Annual fees are forfeited if members terminate their membership prematurely
      • Online renewal of loaned item(s) will be suspended one month before membership expiry

      After your membership application or renewal is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with your membership expiry date indicated. Please update us if there is a change of contact details.

      The Library reserves the right to amend its policies and services.

      Apply or Renew External Membership

      Membership Access

      Membership TypeEntry to Premise & Open AreasFacility BookingPhysical LoansDigital Resource



      Excludes: NIEC CET students

      For non-NP students: On-premise access only, exclusions apply


      On-premise access only, exclusions apply


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