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Principal Lim Kok Kiang

Message from the Principal

Dear Class of 2024,

Congratulations on graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP)!

To the graduands of our full-time diploma courses, you can take pride in how you navigated the challenges of starting your polytechnic education during the Covid-19 pandemic. While adjusting to new modes of learning amid the different pandemic management measures was tough, it was against the backdrop of this historical event that you developed invaluable skills like adaptability and resilience.

Your cohort would have had opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities, Service-Learning projects, industry learning, and internships on-site and in person. Some of you went on overseas programmes to learn and even to serve. I trust that these enriching experiences have made your time in NP all the more rewarding and memorable.

As an NP graduate, you have undergone an industry-relevant curriculum with numerous authentic hands-on learning experiences. Around 1,600 of you also embraced learning adjacent skills by taking Learning Units under NP’s Personalised Learning Pathways Programme. In fact, more than 800 of you are graduating with a minor on top of your diploma. Indeed, all of these will prepare you well for your future careers and give you the added edge for success.

To keep ahead and stay relevant in today’s world, it is important that you stay agile and adaptable. Our doors remain open to you, so I hope that you will make full use of our CET Academy (CETA) programmes to deepen or diversify your professional skills.

To our CETA graduands, I applaud your efforts for successfully completing your part-time courses amid your many commitments. I am confident that the competencies you have acquired will stand you in good stead to access new opportunities in the global economy.

No matter where life takes you, remember that you will always be a part of the NP family. I hope you will continue to live out the NP legacy and spirit of service, and make a positive difference, no matter how big or small, to the people around you and beyond.

All the best for the new adventures that life has in store for you and I look forward to hearing your stories!

Warmest Wishes,

Mr Lim Kok Kiang
Principal & CEO
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

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Important Dates & Activities

  • From 6 April 2024
  • From 6 - 21 April 2024

    Reserve your Graduation Attire online

  • From 15 - 20 April 2024

    Collect your Graduation Attire (off campus)
    Achievers Plus Office
    Nordcomm II (Tower 1)
    2 Gambas Crescent #06-17
    Singapore 757044

  • From 25 - 30 April 2024

    Collect your Graduation Attire (on campus)
    OurSpace @ 72
    Blk 72, #02-002A

  • From 2 - 8 May 2024

    Report 1 hour before the ceremony starts
    Invite your friends & family

  • From 2 - 8 May 2024

    Return your Graduation Attire (on campus)
    OurSpace @ 72
    Blk 72, #02-002A

  • From 11 - 25 May 2024

    Return your Graduation Attire (off campus)
    Achievers Plus Office
    Nordcomm II (Tower 1)
    2 Gambas Crescent #06-17
    Singapore 757044

Ngee Ann Poly Graduation at NP Convention Centre

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