What is EAE (WA)?

Since 2019, the polytechnics has opened the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) to working adults. This is part of the broader effort to expand polytechnic admissions pathways for working adults.

  Do I qualify?

EAE(WA) will be open to working adults who are Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only. Working adults who would like to be considered for admission via the Polytechnic EAE will generally need to have at least two years of relevant work experience and meet the course requirement.

  How to apply?

You can apply via the EAE portal. Application for the April 2024 intake will begin from 5 June to 2 July 2023. You will need to submit employment records together with your application, as well as employer recommendations, where available.


  How am I assessed?

We will assess applicants’ work experience to determine the relevance of the competencies and skills gained over the course of their work to their course of interest. Applicants who are found suitable, but whose past academic grades do not meet the minimum entry requirements, will be given an opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired the pre-requisite competencies for their chosen course, through supplementary assessments.


  Important dates to note

Application stage

5 Jun (Mon) - 2 Jul (Sun)

Selection Stage

3 Jul (Mon) - 29 Aug (Tue)

Offer and Acceptance Stage

6 Sep (Wed), 2.00pm - 13 Oct (Fri), 11.59pm

Withdrawal Stage

6 Sep (Wed), 2.00pm - 13 Oct (Fri), 11.59pm