Not sure what’s the difference between the 600-character and 1,000-character write-up, nervous about your interview or unsure about what goes into your portfolio? Let us help you!

You can apply for up to 3 courses of your choice based on your interests! Click here to find out the various Diplomas and Common Entry Programmes NP has to offer!

Demonstrate your passion in course-specific areas by including relevant experiences from CCAs, competitions, and/or self-initiated projects that are relevant to your course. Show us how geared up and eager you are to pursue your interests!

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Detail your personal talents and accomplishments in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, community service, arts and sports, etc. Highlight leadership positions you held and contributions made. If you previously attended any Applied Learning Modules (ApLM) offered by the polytechnics, share how you benefitted from it. We look forward to seeing your all-rounded personality.

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NP uses EVA, a virtual assistant, to conduct the first-round review of EAE applications. Thereafter, EAE write-ups will be manually reviewed too.

Find out how EVA works through this video below:

You will be notified if you have been shortlisted for an interview so sit tight!
Interviews are conducted either in a one-to-one setting or group setting. Attending a group interview for the first time? Remind yourself that your fellow interviewees may become your classmates and they are there to help you bounce off ideas too!
You’ll be required to answer some questions and/or work on activities related to the course you selected. Click here to find out more about the various EAE assessment methods across our Diplomas and Common Entry Programmes.

Start by collating and listing down your achievements! Make sure to add your learnings and interests too. These include certifications, awards or anything to show us what you have accomplished!

To find out more, click below to watch our quick guide to crafting your e-portfolio!

No, you will not be able to switch courses within or across polytechnics after accepting the offer.

However, you are allowed to withdraw your acceptance via the EAE portal within the stipulated deadline. After which, you will need to participate in the Joint Admissions Exercise in January 2024 if you are still interested in entering a polytechnic course.

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