Experience transformative learning through internships and overseas programmes! Ready to expand your personal network, build your confidence, and level up your poly experience? Let’s go!

Internships with the Industry's Best

Develop your professional skills through an internship in exciting companies here and abroad. Keen on promoting social good? Have a burning desire to be part of the start-up scene? No matter your interest, we have something for you!

Building a Stellar Portfolio - Joy Tan

As a graphics intern with CNBC, I created opening and closing credits, and edited on-screen graphics for the daily news and other business programmes! Seeing my work and my name credited on such a renowned news network gave me a great sense of accomplishment

Inspired to Pursue Dream Career - Alan Antony

It was a dream to work with a powerhouse like OCBC Bank as a software engineer intern. I was part of the team that developed a management tool for OCBC staff and it was very satisfying to receive positive feedback from our users when the tool was launched. This stint has spurred me to explore a career in computer science or information technology.

A taste of Start-up Life in Vietnam Prabakaran Divyabarath

The Global Entrepreneurial Internship Programme (GEIP) is more than just an internship! The dynamic start-up environment and work culture at Tribee has empowered me to offer suggestions and built my confidence. GEIP also gave me the chance to participate in hackathons and the Global Startup Challenge, where I had a taste of entrepreneurship. With all these experiences under my belt, I hope to one day start my own business!

Deepening Industry Experience - Le En

It has been a very inspiring experience working with Laika! Being part of a small but passion-driven team motivated me to do my best at every task. As a marketing intern, I worked on graphic and visual merchandising design, and was involved in product development and project management. This internship has definitely opened my eyes to the role of a user experience designer!

Making a Social Impact - Vanessa Chan

I chose a civic internship to learn how companies and non-profits make a social impact. As a curriculum design intern at edm8ker, I was a part of its global teacher professional development programme that trains master trainers across the world. I also got to propose community engagement plans to our client. The maker culture at edm8ker encouraged collaboration, generosity and curiosity, and helped me to grow in my skills.

Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP)

Experience life as a student abroad! Gain new perspectives and develop cross-cultural skills through classes at overseas universities and visits to local businesses. Become an adaptable global citizen who works and thrives in any setting!

*This 3-week programme includes a one-week pre-trip programme in Singapore and a 2-week immersion in the host country. 

Experiencing a new culture - Alyssa

Although I had been to Thailand previously, the OIP in Bangkok gave me new insights about the Thai people. Despite the language barrier and cultural differences, I managed to have meaningful interactions with the local students. It was refreshing to experience a different way of life, and I’m now more confident when I meet foreigners!

Youth Expedition Programme (YEP)

Become a confident, resilient leader while working with your team to support an underserved community overseas. Gain a deeper understanding of local socio-economic issues as you immerse in communities in countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam!


The YEP exposed me to the unique culture and way of life in Laos. I was touched by the openness and kindness of our students at Muang Kham Primary School as we taught them conversational English. We went to Laos hoping to make a difference, but returned home realising that they made a difference in our lives as well. We will always cherish the valuable life lessons they taught us


At NP you can stretch your potential and confidently achieve greater heights with a host of innovation and talent development programmes!

Graduate with a Minor

Double your future career opportunities and graduate with a Minor under our unique Personalised Learning Pathway. Gain experiences beyond your diploma and develop your skillsets to better equip yourself for the volatile workforce. Choose from four pathways and personalise your learning at your own pace. Sign up for learning units that suit your timetable and attain your Minor after completing 3 Learning Units!

Building Connections across the Globe - Ryan Soh

With the world becoming an increasingly connected place, I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond my diploma to prepare myself for future opportunities. The Minor in Global Readiness was a great way for me to improve communication with individuals across the globe. I was even able to partake in a Shanghai immersion programme and learn first-hand about their cultures and traditions!

Preparing for a Future Career - Shalin

Alongside my Diploma in Engineering Science, receiving the Minor in Entrepreneurship helps me achieve my dreams of being a tech entrepreneur! I also participated in the Be Your Own Boss competition and ran What Tea, a bubble tea business alongside my team. The minor gave us the opportunity to connect with industry mentors who helped us refine our business plans and strategies.

Applying Multi-Disciplinary Skills - Camelia

I chose a Minor in User Experience Design to broaden my knowledge and supplement my Diploma in Community Development! With my newly acquired design-thinking skills, I was able to create prototypes for an app designed to address the circumstances of youths suffering from depression and social isolation. It felt great to be able to apply the skills I learnt from my minor directly on my diploma!

Impacting our Community

As we nurture a big-hearted spirit in our students, Service-Learning plays a big role in our students’ learning journey here in NP. You can address real community needs with the skills and knowledge from your diploma. These initiatives that positively impact the community can take different forms and be done in-person or even virtually.

Helping Seniors Learn More - Jonathan Wee

I was pleasantly surprised that the seniors were very proactive towards taking control of their own health and wellbeing. Apart from sharing my knowledge on medication safety and managing stress, I was able to engage in discussion with the seniors and clarify their doubts. These interactions also made me reexamine my biases about seniors being passive and typically resistant to accepting new info!

Develop Leaders of Tomorrow

Through NP’s signature development programme, The Christieara Programme, students can stretch their potential through specially curated programmes in the areas of leadership and personal development. With TCP, you can be a part of dialogues with Ministers and eminent speakers, learning journeys, empowerment and experiential camps. You will also get the chance to network with successful NP alumni, and be a part of meaningful mentorship programmes!

Forging New Environmental Solutions - Chun Yi

The Christieara Programme (TCP) has offered me multiple opportunities to explore beyond my discipline. I really appreciated the interactions with professionals and peers during the Pre-U seminar and Poly Forum where we discussed in-depth topics such as inequality and climate change. These experiences helped shaped my views on my personal ambition, climate change. Conversing with professionals gave me hope that my innovative efforts in the field of water technology can play a part in mitigating the impact of climate change.


Well-known to be the poly for budding entrepreneurs, let NP help you turn your business idea into reality!

SPARK! NP x Carousell Sustainability Lab

SPARK! NP x Carousell Sustainability Lab

Dedicated to housing and nurturing student start-ups, this is where you can gain access to resources –such as complimentary CarouBiz accounts! – that will help you explore your sustainability-focused business ideas.
Exterior of Agile

AGILE Incubator Space

Set up with the support of UOB Bank, this space helps graduate entrepreneurs to take their start-ups to the next level. Meet and mingle with some of them to get inspired!

Get one step closer to fulfilling your dreams with the support of our innovation & entrepreneurship office, The Sandbox. Receive funding and be a part of specialised programmes offered!

Check out our student-run businesses and winners of F&B competition, Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) at NP!

Daven Koh

I’ve always wanted to set up my own business, so I jumped at the opportunity to participate in the BYOB competition. Together with my team, we offer contemporary healthy and 100% fruit desserts. Be sure to check out our refreshing Acai bowls with a range of toppings at half the usual price!

Prata Boy

We launched Prata Boy in hopes of bringing NP students a taste of our favourite comfort food. Dedicated to delivering the best products, I sought an apprenticeship at a prata stall prior to the BYOB competition. I’m grateful for NP’s support in helping us accomplish our dreams. We now have our own prata stall @ NP!

Already have a business idea or keen to learn more about being your own boss? Get started with NP’s Entrepreneurship First Steps programme! The free online course specially created for secondary school & ITE students will help you to develop and grow your business idea at your own pace. You can also include your business proposal* to supplement your EAE application!

*Students are to have completed the entire EFS programme and submitted their business proposal to TSB within the stipulated timeframe in order to qualify for the inclusion within the EAE application.