Whether you need tips on crafting compelling write-ups or acing your interview, these tips will help you embark on your EAE journey with confidence!

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1 Nail Your Write-Up

Start preparing a 600-character write-up highlighting your passion and aptitude for your chosen courses. You can also submit an optional 1,000-character write-up to showcase your other talents in leadership, community service, entrepreneurship, arts and sports.

4 Pro-Tips to Craft Your Write-up

1. SHOWCASE ACHIEVEMENTS Highlight relevant accomplishments. For example, if you’re eyeing the Diploma in Information Technology, share your coding projects or websites you've developed.
2. DEMONSTRATE APPLIED LEARNING Show your ability to effectively apply what you have learnt to real-world situations or practical scenarios through relevant activities such as Advanced Elective Modules, Applied Subjects, competitions, etc.
3. CONNECT CCA EXPERIENCE Relate your CCAs to your course. For instance, mention that you’re the school’s newspaper editor if you’re applying for the Diploma in Mass Communication.
4. PERFECT YOUR DRAFT Start with a draft, then get someone to run through it and give you feedback. Focus on key highlights and keep within the word limit.

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Need some inspiration? Check out these writing samples!

600-character Course-specific Write-up

Demonstrate your passion in course-specific areas by including relevant experiences from CCAs, competitions, and/or self-initiated projects. Show us how determined you are to pursue your interests!

Business Course

Serving as a Prefect in school gave me many opportunities to hone my leadership, oratorical and entrepreneurship skills, which sparked my projects. Show us how determined you are to pursue your interests! interest in Business Studies. Organising large-scale events such as a school carnival allowed me to learn about the ins and outs of event publicity and develop organisational skills. As the overall-in-charge, I worked with a team of 12 members to manage over 40 classes, as well as external vendors and regulators from NEA, SPF and SCDF. We purchased tents, created promotional materials and came up with food storage solutions.

(Character count: 566)

Early Childhood Course

I developed an interest in the Early Childhood course due to my family’s involvement in volunteering at events with children. I have conducted activities with kids from diverse backgrounds during my volunteer work with the Spastic Children Association School and Happy Meridians Student Care Centre. In addition, I participated in a Road Safety Awareness event for preschool students by AMK South Neighbourhood Police Centre, and was involved in a puppet show for preschoolers to raise awareness about deforestation.

(Character count: 500)

Engineering Course

I aspire to research and develop technology for Hydrogen fuel to be used in motor vehicles, aiming to reduce pollution and the greenhouse effect at a lower cost. Participating in subject-related competitions such as the NP Chemical Powered Car, Mystery of the Body Parts Engineering, and Forensic Science workshops sparked my interest in this. Additionally, I have taken part in the Australian Science Innovations Big Science Competition and Science Club activities, where I earned the Science with Young Geneticist Badge award.

(Character count: 522)

Talent & achievements write-up (1,000 characters)

Detail your personal talents and accomplishments in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, community service, arts and sports. Highlight any leadership positions you have held and contributions you have made. If you have previously attended any Applied Learning Modules (ApLM) offered by the polytechnics, share how you have benefitted from it.

I am an active participant in sports, representing my school as Vice-Captain in a West Zone Ultimate Frisbee Competition. Additionally, I achieved the First Runner-Up in the 2020 Tchoukball Championships. In terms of competitions, I represented my school in the 17th Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. As an EXCO member, I created a wallet for the blind, named Braillet. This innovative product allows the visually impaired to identify notes through their sense of touch, enabling them to lead more independent lives. My project was featured in Lianhe Zaobao and won the support of Singapore Pools, which purchased 100 pieces. Project Braillet gave me a chance to interact with and improve the lives of the visually impaired from the Association of the Visually Handicapped. I am also an active volunteer at organisations such as Whispering Hearts and Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen. I hope to continue my passion to serve others through NP's Community Development diploma."

(Character count: 969)

For my uniformed CCA group, Girl Guides, I became the Assistant Patrol Leader in 2015 and attained the highest position of Company Leader in 2016. I achieved 3 championships for the 2013-2015 inter-school World Thinking Day competitions and won 2 gold awards for the 2014 and 2015 East Division day competitions, as well as 3 Gold awards for 2013- 2016 Puan Noor Aishah awards. Additionally, I served as the Class Vice Chairperson in 2015. In my other CCA, the Entrepreneur and Innovation club, I participated in the Cat Museum Project Prototype in 2015, the World Cities Pavilion Project in 2016, the Youth Innovation Challenge in 2016 (semi-finals), and the National Youth Business Challenge 2016, where I earned the Championship and Most Creative and Innovative Award. I wish to pursue the Common Business Programme to explore my interest in innovation and business."

(Character count: 861)

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