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Improving quality of work life and service delivery. For people. Empowered by technology.

"Work Smarter" is about removing the routine, frustrating and mundane aspects of our job. In the process, we enjoy quality of work life, deliver higher-value services, and bring smiles to ourselves and others. As we harness technology to make us more efficient and effective, we strive to be a Future-Ready Campus with staff who are digitally-enabled, innovative and well-poised for the future economy.


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Latest videoS

Streamlining Asset Verification and Student Internship Approval

Technology is not the only means to help us work smarter. See how OIC and SDO have relooked and adjusted their workflows to streamline processes and improve efficiency.


Going Digital to Improve CET Workplace & Service Journeys

As a poly for all ages, NP has been working smarter to bring ease and joy to the lifelong learning journey. Check out how CET Academy has gone digital with student card and course notes for our adult learners.


Ways we've worked Smarter

Simple tweaks and modifications are sometimes all it takes to work smarter. Here's a look at the different strategies our schools and departments have employed to cut costs, increase productivity and improve work outcomes.


Go Paperless

Besides saving on printing costs, going paperless has saved us storage space and helped us to reap the efficiency that comes with easy filing and quick retrieval.


Digitalization & Automation

Processes and systems are computerized not just for better ease and accessibility, but to get repetitive work done faster and with greater accuracy.



We've taken a hard look at what we've been doing to eliminate wastage and redundancies. As a result, we stay lean and are able to channel our resources to things that matter.



Are there processes that can be centralized, merged or standardized? We've been able to do more with less by minimizing unnecessary steps in our work flow.



By encouraging a DIY culture among our end users, we reduce reliance on manpower and increase end user satisfaction.


Data Analytics & Visualization

By leveraging the latest data tools, we can easily uncover and present insights for immediate decisions, enabling us to work faster and stay agile.


Go Cashless

As consumers, we love the incentives that come with cashless transactions. As an organization, we love it for saving us time processing incoming and outgoing cash payments.


Reuse & Recycle

Avoid disposables and the mind-set of procuring for one-time use. Our limited resources can be reused and recycled with some ingenuity, as shown by our colleagues.



Allow us to say thank you.

Have you and your colleagues implemented ideas to:

- Simplify and streamline work processes;

- Remove the mundane, routine parts of work; or

- Digitalize and automate work process?

Share with us how your team has worked smarter, and be rewarded with Smarter Perks if your project qualifies!

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