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Travel & Learn Programme

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​4    to 9 Nov 2019
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About the Programme

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Unique travel programme that helps you learn and explore new markets for business.

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Business dialogues, networking opportunities, and visits to companies, industries and accelerators.

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​​​Up to 70% subsidy available with SkillsFuture funding and SkillsFuture Credit for eligible applican​​ts.

Why Chongqing & Chengdu​? 

​   As one of China’s fastest-growing cities, and one of its seven free-trade zones, the city has a wealth of untapped potential. 

•   Chongqing is one of the main cities involved in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which will link China to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and ​Europe through a network of roads, railways, port and industrial parks. 

 ​   ​The speed of distribution of goods and services between China and Singapore will be increased by the   new   Chongqing   Connectivity   ​Initiative, a joint project between Singapore and China. A part of the initiative, the Southern Transport Corridor, will see Chongqing connected to Singapore and beyond via sea and railway routes.


​Program​me Iti​nerary

Preview 30 Aug &    Pre-trip Briefing   
​23 Oct


Day 1​ & 2

Day 1 (4 Nov):

Arrive in Chongqing

Day 2 (5 Nov):

Visit to Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce

Visit to Chongqing Investment Bureau (CCIB)

Visit to Liang Jiang New District and Free Trade Zone

Visit to CCIB

Welcome Dinner hosted by CCIB​

Day 3 & 4

6 Nov & 7 Nov

Visit to Rural City within Chongqing (Overnight trip)

Cultural Insights & Investment Opportunities 

Dinner hosted by local government

Day 5

​​8 Nov

Beyond Connectivity 2019 (Seminar cum Exhibition)


1. Economic Overview & Forecast 2020 (In Synergy with Chongqing Connectivity Initiative and in tandem with One Belt One Road Initiative)

2. Overview of Chongqing Connectivity Initiative & Potential for 2020

3. Enhancing Human Capital through Quality Training

4. Continuing Education & Training and Professional Development

Lunch & Networking Session

Exhibition: Visit to Tencent Southwest Headquarter


Day 6

Departure to Singapore

Bonus Workshop



Full Course Fee (Without Airfare)    $3,103.00

Course fees after available funding (without airfare)
Singaporeans and Permanent Residents after SSG funding: $930.90
Singaporeans above 40 years old eligible for SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced subsidy: $350.90
Singaporeans and Permanent Residents eligible for Enhanced Training Support for SMEs: $350.90*
Singaporeans eligible for Workfare Training Support (WTS): $205.90**
*Enter SME in the promo code during course application.
**Enter WTS in the promo code during course application.

Cancellations/withdrawals must be made in writing and participants will be charged accordingly:
​​​If withdrawal is made 3 weeks prior to course commencement, 50% of the course fee will be charged.
​​If withdrawal is made less than 3 weeks prior to course commencement, 100% of the course fee will be charged.

No replacement is allowed​
Course Fee is also eligible for $500 SkillsFutu​re Credit claim  
Course fee is payable upon acceptance.  It is inclusive of 7% GST and subject to review​​

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