​Kickstart​ Fund​​​

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Kickstart Fund was introduced in 2015 to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) to NP students. From ideation and prototyping to successful commercialization of projects, the fund provides students extra help to start their business and realize their potential.

The maximum amount funded per project proposal is $5,000 or 90% of the project cost, whichever is lower.

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What We Fund​

1. Pitching and Prototyping

Posters, equipment, tools, software, printing and professional services necessary for prototype development.​

2. Marketing and Publicity​

Collaterals, websites, social media and other kinds of digital marketing services.​

3. Business Operations

Outsourcing of services and labour costs.

4. Administration

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) registration and other administrative fees.​


1. Risk-Free

Students do not need to pay back a single cent if an idea fails.​​

2. CCA Points​

Students get recognized for their project initiatives with CCA points.​

3. Easy Application

Convenience in a 1-page application form.​

4. Portfolio Development and Enhancement​

Students get to spruce up their portfolios when they apply for funding.


Application Process​

All current full-time NP students are welcome to apply. Applications can be submitted anytime of the year.

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1. Proposal​

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Fill up the application form by logg​ing in with your NPNet ID (without the last alphabet) and password.

​We will be in touch with you to arrange for a meet up/idea pitch.

2. Evaluation

​Application is evaluated based on:

  1. Ability to implement and complete the project
  2. Innovation strength or how the idea is different
  3. Value to industry, society or consumers

If the project proposal is entrepreneurial in nature, two more evaluation criteria will be considered:

  1. Commercial potential
  2. Sustainable / Feasible / Viable revenue stream

3. Progress

style="font-size: 1rem"A progress update is necessary to TSB based on the milestone.

4. Closure

Students will need to provide a one-page closing report once the project completes.​


5. Others

To qualify for funding, students must not receive other NP funding for the same project.​

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