Startup Incubator​

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​Be your own boss upon graduatio​n ​with our Startup Incubator!
Our start-up companies receive many benefits - mentoring support, networking with investors, and more.


Our start-ups are eligible to apply for an NP Incubator Grant of up to $10,000​.


We enab​le new entrepreneurial start-ups to strategise up to commercialisation.

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Facilities & Administration S​upport

​Our 8 hot-desking workstations, 4 private rooms and facilities such as meeting rooms, printing and copying equipment ​have everything you need. We also provide secretariat support and ​website designers to help start-ups jump-start their operations.

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​​Training & Development Programme

Structured workshops & one-to-one c​linics condu​cted by specialists help guide start-ups from “ideas to commercialisation”.

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Positioning themselves as the Airbnb of adventure travel, they leverage on individual organizers for travel exploration on untapped areas. They have launched their platform, with 30 events at launch and garnering 45 sign-ups per day.


AllForU aggregates undergraduates through a centralized portal that guide students in better decisions making and connects them to an ecosystem of opportunities with companies and vendors. This makes the onboarding, assimilation and growth of students in institutions seamless and hassle-free. The current 4G ecosystem consist of sponsorship, custom apparel printing, food catering and millennial marketing.


Experienced in ProductDesign & Development, they had invented a plaform for Hardware Product Development. Where companies, inventors and like-minded individual gathered to discover on how to actualise and commercialise a product idea. Get inspired by industry insights, engage and learn with the community through Forum and workshops.​


Eezee is a one-stop shop for industrial goods and supplies. They are the first B2B and SME in Singapore to offer a secure platform for buyers and sellers of industrialhardware and supplies.


Effro is a B2B Events marketplace that serves Professional event organisers by consolidating event resources. They have transacted over $400,000 of sales on the platform working with partners within the events industry.

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Foodzaps is a SaaS solutions provider supporting more than 10,000 F&B outlets worldwide. Their solution allows clients to expertly manage inventory, staff, menus, multiple devices, orders and billing easily & anywhere from Mac or PC with their comprehensive Reports & Analytics.

Generation Connect

Generation Connect

At Genconnects, we develop novel rehabilitative produce based on research to provide engagement and social interaction with a focus on intergenerational bonding while providing rehabilitation. Our offerings stimulate sensory, cognitive and motor skills that can keep seniors active holistically. Our games come in various forms, from table top multi-sensory sensory cognitive kits to large interactive walls and soothing, welcoming multi-sensory environments. They are intended to tie in with the phone application, HealthLink and hope to build an ecosystem that is able to better enhance senior care.


Gram is a Singapore Corporate Video Production and Animation company that specializes in creating explainer videos to help business leaders simplify their message, boost their sales conversion, and educating their audience, to become thought leaders in their industry.


HighSpark is a thought leaders and boutique creative agency that specialises in presentationpitches for corporate clients. It has been engaged by accelerators as the pitching mentor for Startup Bootcamp, JFDI and FinLab.


Kalpha is a peer-to-peer mobile platform in the Education-Technology space where individuals can connect and meet up to learn skills, experiences and knowledge on a 1-to-1 basis. Kalpha App is available in both Google Playstore and Apple App Store.


Children learn best through play. Kiddet aims to build a network of creative, confident and curious children with our curated selection of fun and educational activities.​

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Legacy Dance Co.

Supported by the National Arts & Youth Council, Legacy prides itself as a street dance company offering long-term training. On 16 July 2016, they officially launched their studio at Sime Darby Centre.

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Millenning is licensed by MAS to conduct FX remittance. We offer a user-friendly online and mobile-friendly platform for customers to make cross-border payments at cheap rates in a fast and secure manner. Say goodbye to expensive Bank FX rates and fees!

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Payboy is a SaaS Human Resources solutions provider and has acquired 150 corporate clients within 9 months into business.

Society Staples

Society Staples

Society Staples enables and empowers organisations or individuals to contribute towards an inclusive future through team building programmes, community outreach events or school workshops that creates conversations and shifts people's perspectives towards Persons With Disabilities.

Soule Enterprise

Soule Enterprise

Soule is a social enterprise founded in 2014. It aims to provide children of less developed countries and low-income families with proper footwear, through their Soule Stores. They also provide Corporate Social Responsibility consultancy to companies.

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T05 Technologies

T05 Technologies

T05 Technologies is a company specialising in technology strategy consultation and services for today’s digital businesses by helping innovative companies to realise their digital transformation strategies.

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The Woof Agency

The Woof Agency

THE WOOF AGENCY is Asia’s first & leading influencer marketing agency reserved exclusively for pets. Through our AI-powered system, we are able to analyse our influencer’s followers’ demographics, interests and affinity markets, helping us to select and curate the best influencer for our client’s marketing efforts. By partnering with us, you gain more than just access to our network of influencers. We also advise on campaign efficacy, creative positioning, initiatives to achieve virality and more. We have worked with multiple brands to create premium content that engages, as well as strategically connect the dots and streamline the collaboration process between our pet influencers, brands and media.

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