Outreach Programmes

For Students & Teachers

Programmes for Students

Our programmes prepare students for post-secondary education and career options.


Our school talks include the type of courses, admissions requirements, scholarships & financial assistance, progression to universities and career opportunities for our diploma holders.

Talks may be conducted online or at secondary schools. ​An exhibition booth is also available upon request.

Please contact Ms Pearly Huang at hxu2@np.edu.sg​ for more information.

NP Key Events

Our specially organized events like Youth Leaders Camp, RED Camp and Open House aim to better integrate students into our campus and showcase the fun, vibrant and diverse student life that NP offers.

Advanced Elective Modules (AEM) ​and Applied Learning Modules (ApLM) >

4-day courses and 3-day courses in applied topics conducted by NP’s lecturers geared towards enhancing the learning experience of students. ​ >

Enrichment Programmes

Our events and workshops aim to expose students to different subject fields, helping them uncover their potential through interesting ways.

Programmes for Teachers

Our programmes help secondary school teachers enrich their own learning and gain deeper insight into polytechnic education.

Teachers' Learning Journey

Our bi-annual Teachers’ Learning Journey is held in May and includes an overview of post-secondary education options, as well as information about various admission exercises with insight into NP’s signature pedagogies.

We also host customised programmes for teachers to experience our learning environment through guided tours and interact with our staff to learn the key pedagogies from our academic schools.​​

Please contact Miss Pearly Huang at hxu2@np.edu.sg for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us for other queries. We are always happy to help.

Courses & Admissions:

Student Development:

  • Start by helping your students to find out their interests and aspirations. Encourage them to attend school programmes and events offered by the polys.

    Poly education focuses heavily on practice-based learning and hands-on training, so it is important for students to be comfortable with such a learning style.

    Poly adopts the GPA system for grading, so they need to be disciplined to maintain a consistent GPA through their three years.

  • NP aims to cultivate these three hallmarks in all our graduates — a passionate learner, a big-hearted person and a global-smart professional.
    Find more about NP here.

  • A poly education is about applying what is learnt in classrooms to real world situations. NP students are exposed to various applied and experiential learning approaches that are technology-enabled.

    In addition to about 25 to 30 hours of lectures, tutorials and workshops per week, they will be exposed to industry-based projects and workplace internships. Ranging from six weeks to six months, these internships, which can include overseas immersion, let students put their learning into practice.

  • Yes. At NP, every student gets the chance to go on at least one overseas stint during their three years here. The overseas exposure could be an internship, immersion, exchange programme or community service trip.

  • Our CCAs range from arts & culture, sports to special interest and community service. There are more than 100 CCAs to choose from.
    Click here for a full listing of the CCAs.

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