Technology Development & Innovation


Our Focus Area


Product Design

Ngee Ann Polytechnic adopts a design-centric approach to create products that interact with people, actions and the surroundings. Our design philosophy is to provide products that are aesthetically appealing with excellent user experience and ease of manufacturing.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic is keen to work with industry in R&D projects to drive innovation and advance technology that may be translated to products and services. The Polytechnic has diverse technical capabilities and access to different public R&D grants. Examples of R&D projects are given here.

  1. Coin Pouch, Hana
  2. Key Pouch, The Kepler
  3. Wallet, The Odyssey
  4. Pouch, The Plusar
  5. Multiple purpose rocking chair, The Astrid
  6. Portable swing, The Reframe

If you are interested in a collaborative R&D project with the Polytechnic and would like to discuss further, simply drop me, Dickson Phuan, an email:​ or contact me at 65-64608005.