Sports & Arts Highlights


Team Ngee Ann

Team Ngee Ann is the united and distinctive brand identity of students, athletes, coaches, and staff from NP that engage in sports and fitness activities, be it competitively or recreationally. Sports and fitness form an integral part of NP’s holistic education that aims to promote health and fitness for life while inculcating NP values. As part of Team Ngee Ann, students enjoy various sports and fitness initiatives:


Sports CCA Clubs

Students can choose from over 40 different sports clubs to explore their passion, hone their skills, and develop their leadership and character. Coaches and student leaders play a significant part in the skills development and the inculcation of values in our CCA clubs.


Sports Modules

Sports Modules provide a formal learning platform for all students to acquire and apply knowledge, skills and values in the area of health and fitness. Year 1 students will u​ndertake the compulsory Health & Wellness (HW) module. Sports Modules are also offered to Poly Foundation Programme (PFP) students.​


Sports Awards and Scholarships

The Student Excellence Awards include awards which recognise and celebrate achievements in the sports arena. Awards are given out to individual students, clubs as well as coaches.

Sports Facilities and Services

The broad range of sports facilities and services empower students to keep fit, stay healthy and be at the top of their game. These include the sports complex, with a state-of-the-art gym, running track,​ Olympic-sized swimming pool, various courts, studios and physiotherapy services.


Arts Highlights

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) Arts fiesta started in 2011 to promote cultural diversity and vibrancy in NP. Organized by the NP Student Development Office, Arts Fiesta inspires students to discover their potential, showcase their talents and partner with professionals of the local Arts scene. Each year, ticket sales go towards supporting the NP Student Aid Fund to help our students in need. NP Arts Fiesta 2019 has raised over $65,000 to provide relief to the disadvantaged students in NP.​