Compulsory Course Briefing​


You are starting poly life at a very unusual time. During this period, all institutes of Higher Learning will shift to full Home-Based Learning.​

But not all's lost. At least you need not worry about what to wear to your lectures for now. Occasionally, you may get a wake-up call to attend your e-Learning (eL) classes from our eL-Buddies. Haven't been to campus? Fret not. You can go on a 360° virtual tour to explore the NP campus (before you can see the real thing in time to come).

We hope you'll make the most out of this unprecedented situation. Stay in "touch" with your class and your adviser, rally one another to share good vibes, and maintain a positive attitude towards learning.

Now, to help you settle well into your course, you must NOT miss the Compulsory Online Course Briefing. Please click Course Briefing on your respective school site below for details of your session. It is also important for you to check in your NP student email inbox regularly to ensure that you are updated on important messages from the school, including any changes to your timetable.

We wish you an enriching learning journey ahead, even if the ride may be a bit bumpy at times.