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Our ​School of Engineering offers 8 solid diplomas covering various engineering disciplines, and a highly popular Common Engineering Programme for those who need more time to decide!

Get a head start in your degree pursuits – Join our unique & prestigious Engineering Science diploma and gain opportunities to work with university professors on cutting-edge projects

Learn how to connect the dots and develop real-world solutions th​rough our integrated projects and design thinking methodology. Gain industry insights through our signature Induction Programme from Year 1

Be future-ready w​ith NP’s expertise in Robotics Research & Innovation and be inspired by engineers and professionals who are shaping the Singapore of tomorrow through our Future City Programme


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School of Engineering

Engineering With That Something Xtra

The School of Engineering (SOE) aims to equip students to build a better world through a broad-based, multidisciplinary approach. With 8 diplomas and 1 common engineering programme to choose from, our programmes will pave the way for further studies or work in wide and varied fields.

At SoE, there are many exciting opportunities to inspire our students’ passion for learning and innovating. Our strong industry links also ensure that they pick up relevant industry skills and are exposed to emerging technologies. Thanks to our industry-standard facilities, students can gain an authentic learning experience, or work on future city projects through mentorships, learning journeys and internships. Plus, they’ll even get to develop engineering solutions that benefit society through a service-learning or work on an integrated real-world project.

​ With the robust curriculum that SoE offers, students can expect an enriching engineering journey with that something xtra!

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