To provide relevant content sharing among leaders of SMEs, the polytechnics and students through events, internship​ and mentorship​ programmes.

 To support SMEs through the offering of industry-relevant or customised courses​, Earn & Learn programmes​​ and students' final-year project​​ collaborations.

Benefits​ for SMEs​

Identify Funding Options ​

Get to know the various funding options and government assistance programmes that best suit your needs.​

Fulfill Your Talent Needs​

Fulfill your talent needs through our internship and adult learners centre. Provide mentorship to students or SMEs or seek mentorship from our SME consultants.​

​Expand and Scale Up​

Prepare to scale up by finding customised solutions and developing emerging critical skills through industry-relevant courses.​

Upcoming Event​

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Be Part of our Community​



Scanteak seeks to create beautifully designed and lasting teak furniture.​


Triple Eyelid​

Handcrafted furniture made from waste material sourced locally.​


Arcc Offices​

Arcc Offices offers progressive and flexible work environments & meeting spaces designed for the way you work.​


Aries Gold​

To design and manufacture well-built watches for the masses.


The Wok People​

A one stop solution for employee meals management.​



FoodZaps allows you to expertly manage your F&B business with their comprehensive reports and analytics.​



ConceptSmiths aims to achieve a ​breakthrough in Design & Innovation by contributing creative and practical solutions.​

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