Smart Campus


Who works on a Smart Campus

Journey with Natalie, the Admin staff

Smart cameras or sensors recognize Natalie and grant her access into the office. Campus security is enhanced with smart cameras.

Natalie’s virtual co-workers, both chatbots and RPA bots, help remove tedious, mundane tasks and repetitive queries from her plate so that she can focus on higher value work.

Mobile apps allow for grounds up quick reporting and alerts for anomalies, ensuring a safe working environment.

The use of data analytics dashboards harnesses the power of data to inform and predict areas where intervention and attention is needed, allowing Natalie to be more productive and effective in her work.


As Natalie journeys as a staff, she develops digital capabilities through attending various digital courses e.g. AI, Design Thinking, Data Analytics, RPA, some of which are in-house developed and run.

Natalie continues to work effectively when telecommuting, where the transition from office to home is smooth through the use of technological tools.

Journey with Mark, the lecturer

Stepping into one of the smart classrooms, Mark delves straight into teaching as facial recognition technology handles tracking students’ attendance and engagement.

Mark teaches in optimal classroom conditions as intelligent ambient controls automates room settings. Blinds close or open, lights dim or brighten, fresh air gets filtered and temperature is monitored and adjusted automatically based on surrounding conditions.

Borderless and multi-modal learning is achieved through the use of video capturing and captioning of Mark’s lesson. Students can easily access these anytime, anywhere.

With the use of technological tools, Mark is able to telecommute while staying connected to happenings at the office as well as supporting students’ learning through online platforms during eLearning weeks.


Mark uses smart lockers to pass students equipment or materials when needed, without having to be physically present. Time is saved and efficiency improved.

Through data analytical dashboards, students who are struggling with attendance or not completing required materials are identified and Mark can put in measures to support students.