Singapore Junior Water Prize

- List of Projects -


Projects submitted for Singapore Junior Water Prize 2018

Main Category

  1. Comparing the effectiveness of adsorbing toxic lead (II) ions chromium (III) ions in polluted water between rice husk ash (RHA) and carboinise rice husk (CRH)
  2. PaperPure: A novel paper-based antibacterial water filter that may be synthesized in a single step at a low cost
  3. Photodegradation of cypermethrin in pesticides
  4. How effective are orange fruit peels in chelating heavy metals [Copper (II), Nickel (II) and Cobalt (II)] across pH levels 1-6?
  5. Development of starch-based bioplastics for packaging from chicken egg albumin
  6. Effect of UV-B irradiation on phytoremediative properties of Duckweed
  7. Flash Flush
  8. Elderly Saviours of Water
  9. A Novel and Eco-friendly Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide from Durian Rind and Sugarcane Bagasse for Water Filters
  10. Chemically modified pomelo pith for oil sorption
  11. Bone Char, a Low cost, Multi-purpose and Ecofriendly Alternative for Water
  12. Creating awareness of Water Usage among children through Games
  13. Eco-Friendly Bio-Glass Filter for rural areas
  14. Eco Flush System
  15. Raising Awareness on Water Issues amongst Youth in Singapore
  16. Devise an easy way to purify water for people living in Third World Country and educate them on the purifying method
  17. Green Microbial Desalination Cell
  18. Creating Environmental Awareness
  19. Aquaponics
  1. Tuning Gelling Speeds of Powder Gelator via Solvent Wetting and Fibre Morphology Modulation
  2. A novel approach to desalination using modified bio-wastes as absorbents
  3. Remediation of Metal Ions using Aquatic and Terrestial Plant Leaves
  4. Synthesising EDTA-functionalised Chitosan-coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Wastewater Treatment
  5. Surface Modification of Geophyte-based Activated Carbon using Nitric Acid
  6. A Case Study Investigation into the Effectiveness of Waterbody Mangement: Lorong Halus Wetland
  7. A Simple Synthesis Method for Porous Copper to Improve its Efficacy in Decontaminating Polluted Water
  8. A Novel Method of Synthesising Pectin-Based Hydrogels From Pomelo Peels
  9. Comparing Heavy Metal Removal Efficiency of Activated Carbon and Bio-Char Prepared From Avacado Seeds for Rain Garden Use
  10. Homemade Hydrogels for hydroponic
  11. Green Beads from Dry Leaves for Organic Dyes Removal in Water Medium
  12. Creating and Designing a Smartphone Application that Supports Water Saving Habits
  13. Disinfection of Pond Water using Duckweed (Lemna)
  14. Research on the feasibility of recycling and reusing water wasted by water coolers in schools
  15. Harnessing the Microbial Fuel Cell for Practical Purposes
  16. AquaPrint - Water Footprint to Enhance Water Efficiency in Schools

Under 15 Category

  1. BVSS Water Monitoring Device
  2. Rubber Cubes
  3. 5 Minutes Shower
  4. Our Water Our Responsibility
  5. Effectiveness of Fruit Peels To Filter Out Lead (II) Nitrate From Water Contaminated with Lead (II) Nitrate
  6. Use of Fruit Peels and Charcoal to Purify River Water
  1. The collection of Rainwater to be used as Grey Water
  2. Methods to mitigate the effects of climate change on the water system and infrastructure
  3. Algal Blooms in Freshwater
  4. Bioremediation of hydrocarbons using Bacillus Spores

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