Sing​apore Junior Water Prize​

- For Students ​-


Competition Criteria​

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​Eligibility (Main Category)

Students between 15 and 20 years of age from secondary ​schools, integrated programme schools, junior colleges, the Institutes of Technical Education and polytechnics.

(Students shall not be less than 15 years or more than 20 years of age as at 1 June 2022)

Eligibility (U15 Category)

Students between 13 and 15 years of age from secondary schools and integrated programme schools.

(Students shall not be more than 15 years of age as at 1 June 2022​)​​

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Team Size​ (Main Category)

A maximum of two members per team.

Team Size​ (U15​ Category)

A maximum of two members per team. ​


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Project Requirement

Projects must enhance the quality of life, through improvement of water quality, water resources management, water and waste water treatment as well as water education and social aspects of water. Projects may focus on local, regional, national or global topics. It is essential to adopt a research-oriented approach, that is, scientifically-accepted methodologies for investigation, experimentation, monitoring and reporting results, including statistical analysis. ​

SJWP 2022 will be theme-based. Teams are required to submit projects in the areas of:

1. Innovation

a. Climate Change

  • • Addressing issues of Water shortage/scarcity
  • Increasing rainfall intensity/Flooding issues
  • Rising sea levels
  • ​ Reducing CO2 emissions

b. Biotransformation / Address issues waterborne diseases / Enzymatic treatment of pollutants in water or wastewater

c. Digitalisation

d. ​Water Conservation for different sectors such as in the area of food sustainability (e.g., agriculture, aquaponics, hydroponics)

2. Public Education

a. Survey projects - with ​follow-up action implementation

3. Multidisciplinary ​(e.g., Business & Engineering students)


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Project Submission

This will be in the form of a written report in English. The report should not exceed 20 pages, including illustrations, lists of references and appendices. Of the 20 pages, illustrations should not exceed 5 pages. The report should be single-sided, with one-and-half line spacing, and in Times New Roman (12 points). ​

Download Report ​Template >

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With effect from SJWP 2019, a poster is required with the project submission.

Download Poster Template ​ and Poster Guidelines​ ​>

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Judging Criteria

Distinguished experts from our universities, research institutions and the industry will be invited to judge the entries. The judging criteria are as follows:

Releva​nce >

Creative A​bility > ​

Methodology >

Subject Knowledge >

Practical Skills >

Report and Presentation >


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Competition​ Schedule​

14 June 2021
Registration opens.​​ ​

September/October​ 2021
Briefing / Workshop for Teachers on SJWP Competition​

1 October ​​2021
Registration Closes​​

October/November 2021
Briefing for Teams on SJW​P Competition​

November/December 2021
Defining/Refining Your Idea workshop

17 January 2022 to 18 March 2022​​
Presentation Skills workshop (online)

25 February to 18 March 2022
E-Submission of Report, Poster and Checklist​​
(submission closes at 5pm. Late submissions will be considered as withdrawal of projects.)

26 & 27 May 2022​
Singapore Junior Water Prize Competition

23 August to 1 September 2022​​
Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition @ Stockholm, Sweden​ (Only for Main Category​)

Please note that photographs and videos may be taken during the events for use in publicity, promotional materials and other related purposes by the organisers, sponsors, related corporations and service providers. ​​​​​

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Awards (Main Cate​gory)

The winning team of the Singapore Junior Water Prize competition will receive S$5000, a trophy and an all-expenses-paid trip (for up to two students and an accompanying adult) to Stockholm, Sweden, to compete in the international Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition. The second prize winner and third prize winner will receive S$2500 and S$1500 respectively. There are three merit prizes of S$500 each and three commendation awards of S$250 each.

In addition, there will be the Sembcorp Water Innovation Medal awarded to projects of outstanding merits.

Awards (U15 Category)

The winning team of the Singapore Junior Water Prize competition will receive S$500 and a trophy. The second prize winner and third prize winner will receive S$250 and S$150 respectively.​​

Note:  The decision of the Panel of judges is final and binding. Should entries for the Main Category or U15 Category not meet the judging criteria, the organising committee reserves the right to limit the number of awards.​

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